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Hello and welcome to VGForums - the definitive gaming community, established by gamers for gamers. We're a relaxed bunch who get together to talk about gaming, and much more besides.


Here at VGForums, we're not just a regular gaming forum. We're always looking to do that little bit more to make this a real community that everyone can be a part of. Check out the highlights of becoming a VGF member: Competitions We try and run competitions as regularly as we can to keep up excitement and to reward your loyalty to the site. Stay tuned for other competitions coming soon. Online Play Ultimately, we're a gaming forum, so that means playing some games. We like nothing better than partying up and playing online and to that end we arrange various Game Nights and Tournaments across as many gaming platforms as possible. Right now we've a live FIFA 17 Tournament in full swing and are looking to new releases, be they racers, shooters or whatever to grow our online community into the current generation of consoles

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Above all we're a community and we want you to enjoy your stay here, and we appreciate your feedback and opinions. So let us know if there's a tournament you'd like to see, a gaming night you'd like to see put in place, or if you have a competition idea. Also any ways in which we can improve the forum will be greatly received.

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