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2nd PS4 help

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by clumsy, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. Have bought my lad a PS4 today and trying to get it all set up in his room. Previously we had my PS4 with my account as Family Manager and his account as a Child account (as sub) to it. On setting his new machine up i tried to log in and download my games onto it then do the same again but it won't work. Figured out that it's the "Primary" activation that allows the game sharing on the PS4 but that it can only work on one PS4 at a time... so...

    Reckon my options are:

    1. I activate his new PS4 as my 'Primary' and download all the games again. Then my old machine will only work for my account... right? Any risks with doing it that way... not done before so don't know about transferring data or the like...

    2. I move my PS4 to his room and I use his new one - guessing only my account will work on that machine then?

    3. One you lot can come up with that's better!

    Any help much appreciated :D
  2. Have your account deactivated and your sons account activated on your console.

    Have your sons account deactivated and your account activated on his console.

    You can log in on your account on his console and dl games required, log out of your account and into his account the games will be there for him to play.

    I do this with connor and it works a treat, he requires no plus sub and has full access to my catalogue.

    Any questions let me know.
  3. Hmm, not sure on that.

    My lad doesn't have a full account, he has a PSN account that is a child account sub to mine. Don't think that gives an option to activate a console as primary - that's only something my 'Family Manager' account can do. Is that different to your set up?
  4. Yes what you are using is the new family setup, I haven't tested with that as I've been file sharing just over a year now as have a few others, can't you bump the account up being the parent account and then do what I said.
  5. No, i think they stay as child accounts until they hit 16, then you can get them promoted up to full accounts that split off from the Family Manager... but then would need completing separate PS+ subs i guess? Think it would work then with your way, but i'm stuck with the Family set up for now so got to find a way to make that work, hence the options :)
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  6. From one of the questions:
    "you can share the library of the Family Manager on one PS4 if that PS4 is set as primary"

    That's what i'm doing right now. Current PS4 is mine, i'm FM and subs get to use all the games physically on it. I can't find anything about activating a 2nd PS4 to do the same or migrating the FM to another PS4 (with no issues).

    Now, if i'd bought a black PS4 i'd just swap the damn things around and i think it'll work. Got him a white one though didn't i. Sigh.
  7. Can you not add your account to the second console and deactivate it, then the secondary account can be used to access content etc

    Seems silly to offer a means of account sharing but messes it up when it comes to family sharing.
  8. Yeah i tried that. It shows a locked padlock on all the games on the second console doing that.

    I don't think they thought through this family account thing that well. Hell, this is hard enough with just 2 PS4s, anymore would be meltdown :eek:
  9. Think i'm going to have to try the Option 1 above. That should work, i just don't know how it'll cope with game saves ... it should all be cloud based but there's always something that cocks up right.
  10. Looks like main downside with Option 1 is that my account will only work on my PS4 (once deactivated) when it's online. Internet goes down then there is no offline play at all unless it's on a Primary PS4. Ouch. Shouldn't be a biggie... gonna try this way. Lets see how much i can fuck this up then :facepalm:
  11. Saves are local to the user and console and also the cloud save is for the console your account is activated on they take control of plus, unless its cloud based for the actual game like the crew who have this seldom happens.

    This is the same if psn goes down Connor has primary control and I lose access to my library.

    How they couldn't have kept it same way as PS3 file share was easier to do, luckily psn isn't down all that often to have the above trouble.
  12. Seems to have worked out ok (so far) :clap:
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