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360 wired or wireless pad?

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by Lordofgames, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. So i got a 360 pad and i bought wireless adapter for my pc to use on that.

    I had a wired pad but it broke so i bought the wireless adapter as it was only like 7 quid and a new pad 22.

    Anyway seems batteries run out faster than a mofo, though rechargeable so not really an issue as i always got fresh ones to put in..

    Just wondering others opinions on the 360 pad? Prefer the wired one or wireless?
  2. Get play and charge kit and it can be one or the other, never causes a problem then wired or wireless
  3. damn wish id know about this but will it work with pc? so i can plug usb from cahrge kit into pc and it will pick it up like a 360 pad to play on
  4. yes

    u still use the receiver for wireless
  5. ye i sent back the receiver im gonna just buy a wired pad its 22 not much more than plug n play...means i got 2 pads again if someone pops over for some 2player action

  6. The new slim ones have bluetooth, might be better
  7. slim 360 pads?

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