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4Tb PS4

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by SNIPER___7.62, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Hi peeps just moded my PS4 I'm now running a 4Tb 3.5" hybrid drive. Easy to do and if you ever come to sell it, the original drive can go back in with no indication it was ever out.

    3.5" drives are cheaper to buy and can go past the current 2Tb limit of a 2.5"

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  2. Impressive.

    With the SATA data cable extension on the PS4 are you able to properly close the face plate?
    Also could you elaborate on how the the hybrid drive is powered? Is it not possible to have the drive mains powered from an enclosure (guessing not if you leave the console on standby and use the auto/push download features - meaning leaving the drive running constantly and not worth the energy costs).

    Lastly of course, have you noticed an improvement with load times?
  3. The lid closes but its a snug fit to say the least, you have to run the cable through the back vent.

    You can use a hard drive caddy that has esata output. This will provide power for the hard drive as well as housing it, but to do this you need a esata female to sata male cable and for the life of me I couldn't find one in this country. Amazon.com sell them but I couldn't wait.

    I used a hard drive power brick to power mine, as i don't think the PS4 would have a enough power to run it, which isn't a problem as the hard drive is controlled by the PS4. So although there is always power available, it isn't spinning constantly. These are cheap to buy about a fiver.

    I was running a hybrid before a 1Tb 2.5" but I do think the load times are slightly faster with this one but that might be me wishful thinking.

    all in all it takes about an hour to do, the biggest pain is modding the male sata cable to fit. You have to cut some of the plastic away, so it will seat properly.

    The cable in image 2 is the one you have to mod, you have to cut the power part of it out. This leaves just the data female to male cable, its the male end that goes into the play station.

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