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AC Milan v Napoli

Discussion in 'Completed Fixtures' started by WolfCarnage, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. im good most times this wee as I’m off work so what would suit you?
  2. @Sparky2005 any movement out there? I’m available tonight, Saturday night and some of Sunday.
  3. @WolfCarnage sorry mate, been snowed under this week
    I am out tonight (working) and saturday night
    Sunday is looking best for me, I will message here and PSN when I am available on Sunday
  4. @Sparky2005 ok bud, obviously I’ll be busy from about 11am until 4pm on Sunday but should be able to something outside of that.
  5. @Sparky2005 I should be good for about 7pm tonight if you’re about or after 22.30
    Just putting some ice on my knees after celebrating like a mental case in the 95th minute.
    I honestly thought you boys had done it at long last.
  6. @WolfCarnage on our second half performance we didn't deserve to win. I can't stand our manager. I was actually happy you scored the equalizer

    Now of to Sunday dinner. I'm try and get online when I get back later
  7. @Sparky2005 no worries, should be on after bed time tonight, give me shout when you’re back.
    Honestly mate, our home form is shocking this season, if only we could score.
    Surely Mick has to go now while you have a half decent team?
  8. @Sparky2005 didnt see you on last night, I didn’t stay up either, can you do tonight?
  9. @WolfCarnage sorry didn’t get back until late last night, I will be on late afternoon or early evening.
  10. What time early evening? 6.45pm any good?

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