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Achievements & Trophies Thread

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by fozzeh, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Been a while but plat 112

    Aqua moto racing utopia

    Pain in the arse at times. almost gave up on it cause the bad stunt controls. But glad I went bk to it and got it.
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  2. Platted this the other week, plus did the Grounded trophies.
    Online was okay but I had had enough by the end of the first journey so did skip quite a few matches on the second journey.

    Completed Wildlands but quite a few trophies glitched (6 to be exact) on me so no platinum for me, bloody Ubisoft.
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  3. Completed it on Grounded? Nice. Not sure if I can be mithered with that.

    Which ones glitched for you in Wildlands too?! I had a few which temp glitched but sorted them in the end - collectibles was one but checked what I had, found what I was missing and checked all the locations within that section. Found the last one in a random place.
  4. @fozzeh

    The Whole story (all documents), Mission master, legendary hunterf, shotguns fanatic, smg fanatic and sniper rifle fanatic.
    RE The documents, there was 2 I was missing (from the CIA bloke) and I got them but still no trophy and all the people in the story summary screen show as all documents found (plus in the region screen).
    I wouldn't mind the odd trophy like the shotgun where I could quickly start a new game and get the parts but these trophies seem to suggest a complete new game playthrough which is too much.

    Grounded mode was good fun, very tense and a forced "no HUD" was a shock to the system but tbh it didn't really make much of a difference.
  5. Gutted for you on those glitches!

    Just got number 94 with ROTR! Loved it.
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  6. Milestone reached with my 5000th trophy, bronze trophy on wipeout nothing special but it popped on an awesome game so fuck it.
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  7. Arhhh Wipeout, I ain't never gonna plat that.
  8. No chance for me either, playing it for playing and it is very, very good, hats off to those that put in the time for the platinum as there is a lot of tough races in 2048 and eliminations in fury are silly.
  9. Plat 96 with Tales From The Borderlands

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  10. I thought this was the best TT game, now closely followed by Batman TT. Has anyone played Guardians of the Galaxy from TT, how does that compare?

    BTW @fozzeh , have you seen my PM on AVF?
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    #770 Xorro, Sep 8, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2017
  11. I've played all three episodes available so far, if you enjoy other tt titles you'll enjoy this.

    It has a decent story, characters, music score and dialogue, although Peter quill is the main character you use the other Guardians at certain points as well.

    Usual way with tt games sometimes it can be light in areas with interaction but when it does its great.
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  12. Yeh, seen it...I think. Popped up and was going to reply...but just 1 left ;)
  13. Ping ... COD MW2 (better late than never) & Truck Racer (on PS+ atm).
    I feel a bit dirty after platting Truck racer tbh.

    Oh and Skyrim

    Right, onto MW3.
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  14. I use AVF as I can access it from work, VGF is blocked :( I'll send you the same message on here to help :)

    I'm assuming the Truck Racer is pretty easy then?
  15. Ha ha you assume correctly @Xorro
    There are some online trophies which need to be boosted.

    First time I've played a game for trophies (although I did fancy a racing game) and probably the last.
  16. #97 up with The Lost Legacy. Enjoyable little snippet of a game.
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  17. Plat 113

    Wolfenstein old blood

    Great game just like the order.

    The challenges in this one was a pain though I got stuck with 1 left to do and just couldn’t do it must have tried a million times. Got there in the end though
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  18. Yup, some of the challenges were a bugger...takes a lot of patience...and luck sometimes!
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  19. Recent plats on the Vita are Tearaway, Putty Squad and Energy Cycle (#90). I'm still working on HZD on the PS4, I think it may still be a few more months before I complete it.
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  20. Doki doki 100% on PS4, had a few crashes happen, made me have to restart slightly in world, getting some characters angry was also a pain but I got there, neat little title, stacked with my PS3 playthrough.
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