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Achievements & Trophies Thread

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by fozzeh, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Playing this once was enough for me.
  2. Started it when I first got my ps4 in 2014 but it was soon after the ps3 100% and I deleted it, game got tedious and annoying and i left it, until I seen it in my library at the weekend and thought why not :rolleyes:
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  3. Started HZD.

    What a beautiful game. I was debating what to start but I am ready for the slog because it looks so damn good.
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  4. I’m about 55 hours in and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. The idea of shooting machines with a bow and arrow seemed silly, but it works and the story is intriguing.
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  5. Hue 100%

    A gd Wee game gets ur brain really thinking with sum of the puzzles.

    Free from plus this month aswell.
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  6. Lego marvel platinum... Number 2 on PS4, goes with my PS3 platinum and my 12th lego platinum in total.

    Had a few glitches but managed to get my way through it.
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  7. Plat 114

    Gemini: hero’s reborn

    Short and sweet describes this.
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  8. Just doing Rush Of Blood collectibles...pretty good fun this VR malarkey!
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  9. I actually really liked that game, pity is wasn't longer. Be nice if they did another.

    Didn't know you had a VR, does it make you feel nauseaus? :laugh:

    Got the plats for 36 Fragments of Midnight (Vita) and Energy Cycle (PS4 in addition to Vita).

    Still working on HZD (but nearing the end, sadly - but then DLC and NG+!) and Uncharted: Golden Abyss on the Vita.
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  10. Picked one up cheap on eBay for a quick blast then sell.

    Not really. It is a good experience. You do feel going down a roller coaster in your gut...such a strange sensation.
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    #791 Xorro, Oct 18, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2017
  11. Plat 115

    Catlateral damage

    If u like playing with pussy this game is for u:LOL::LOL::LOL:
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  12. After a total of 4 bloody hours, finally got the Until Dawn Rush of Blood PSVR plat! About 2 and half of that was last night which is around 15 attempts. This is a game changer for some.

    You have to complete a playthrough without dying. You can quit out, download save from cloud and then start from the last level you did.
    Well, I did that up until last level on Wednesday, put PS4 in rest mode after dying...and auto-upload overwrote my save!!!!! So had to spend a few hours getting there again. But the last level is a right pain...the last level isn't too bad but you get fireballs thrown at your which is a 2 hit kill...and getting 5 at once is a pain! But, learnt the level, remembered where to aim when and finally got it. Great game but glad to see the back of that level.

    That's number 98. Just need to decide on number 99 before I make The Last of Us my 100th (as well as my 50th)
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  13. :eek:

    I’ve decided (with some ‘help’ from Tam) that HZD will be my 100th. :D

    I’m working on some quick plats to get me up to 99, recent ones are Albedo Eyes from Space, not a bad game really, and Twin Robots which is a bargain at £3.99 for the PS4 and Vita bundle. So twin plats for Twin Robots! Some of the trophies are glitchy though. 4 more plats to go.
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  14. I've just finished it and yes it is very difficult, even on explorer mode (which I played).

    I really enjoyed it though and recommend it so fingers crossed DOS 2 is coming to consoles, which I'm sure it will.

    PS. Just about to plat it and only 0.2% of players have it but then only about 5% finished the game so, yeah I guess that is the difficulty. If you are into trophies and don't mind a little "cheating" then you can get the hardest trophies (honour mode) in 1-2 hours.
    I didn't mind cheating because frankly honour mode is total bollocks, one save file which is deleted on death for a 100+ hour difficult rpg is just crap.
    Just shout if you want the info on how to do it.
    I only have 2 trophies left which are just story related and I missed them because I didn't read a guide before playing.
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  15. 116

    Twin robots

    Nice Wee easy fun game.

    Thanks for the heads up @Xorro
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  16. I'm getting closer to the 100 mark:

    #96 My Name is Mayo
    #97 Energy Cycle (again)
    #98 Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Vita)

    Not sure what 99 will be, most likely something on the Vita.
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  17. Wow that is a quick number 96 :rofl:
  18. Not as quick as Energy Cycle which has an glitch meaning you can get the plat in under 15 mins. I tried to do Mayo while I was on the phone and didn't pay attention to what I should have been doing, so it took me a little longer than it ought to!
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  19. 117

    Guardians of the galaxy telltale series

    Just like all the other telltale games easy but another good game
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