ageing/gaming/time phenomenon


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Anyone experience this also as they get older.

When young up til 18 or so I could happily game for hours maybe even up to 21 or so...5-6 hour online COD sessions til 5am..or even just playing some jrpg from 1pm in afternoon until 3am before bed.

I still manage big sessions online on fifa and now and then shooters.

But I find myself not able to commit to the rpgs the same.

Not sure the reasons but various.

1. Not enjoying rpg as much- feel its time wasted I should be living real life not fantasy life. Don't get lost in the world the same.

2. They take to long to progress and less time for it. Again should be doing more adult things and spending 2-3 hrs just to get some xp seems time wasted IRL.

3. Just started to feel a slog/chore.. Am I a victim to the modern fast paced adrenaline dopamine games FUT/COD etc..

4. In general as I'm older time seems more precious and goes faster. 1 week hooked on FM or RPG meant nothing to me but now its like in back of my head I feel time is speeding up and I'm running out of it.

These include

Skyrim, fallout, FF, witcher, Mass effect etc.

I often feel guilty and wasting time playing them...And then when I get mates asking/inviting me for games of fifa etc its hard to stick to them!