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Amazon.co.uk Affiliate

Discussion in 'Affiliates' started by Wicksy, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. £39.99 on the New Fire Stick - Done!

    Crazy thing is I just sold on eBay by original firestick for £46!! No Kodi or loaded stuff, just reset to factory defaults.

    People are crazy!
  2. No no, thank you sir
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  3. I was looking on Amazon for an old style one and it just points you to the new version which isn't out until 6th April. I expect that's why you got more than it's worth. Supply and demand.
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  4. @Wicksy is gonna be rolling in it.

    Get that gold-plated tea mug you've had your eye on mate! ;)
  5. can sell you an old one for £30 mate if you want one still
  6. Can you post up the affiliate amazon link to it tho so when he buys it everyone benefits :-D
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