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Any gaming event knowledge/experience welcomed.. Need some advice

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by ThatGuyJae, Jul 10, 2016.

  1. First off hi guys..

    Pretty new here and weren't really sure where to post this so sorry if it's completely in the wrong place but.. Yh hello everyone lol

    Basically I have this idea for a sort of gaming event/tournament/chill gaming session.. Type of thing you know.. Not really sure what to call it.. But yeah let's go with tournament.. I was just wondering if anyone had had inside to starting such a gaming event from scratch in the UK.. Little insight into the idea I want to be retro gaming means next gen and all inbetween in group tournament where random teams play random games on random platforms and see who comes out victorious.. I have a lot of faith in it but right now have no clue where to begin but so here I am trying to have a conversation with a few likeminded people who share my love of all things gaming
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  2. I dont think anyone on here has tried that i can remember.
  3. I see I see.. I'll have to take this question elsewhere
  4. Being honest I don't think a chill event would work on a one off tournament, however a weekly thing would definitely suit a chill event

    Plenty of tournaments out there. Don't know of any weekly things though, but depends where its based

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