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Bartell's created videos

Discussion in 'Gameplay Video Archive' started by Bartell, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. Here's a collection. There maybe some sneaked in from XB1 tho lol

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  2. Some other special clips

    GTAO Fun

    Messi wonder volley

    Wall running headshot game winning kill

    Flying backheel (Better than @Hutchydarts :laugh:)

    BF4 Kills - I was in a tank and shot down a Helicopter in one shot haha
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  3. Gameplay is gameplay mate no matter the console post away :cool:
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  4. Ha nice 1 bartell on that goal yeah it puts mine tae shame :(
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  5. Thank you SIr

    I literally screamed when I scored it hahahaha
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  6. This last one is decent
  7. Ronaldo volley and the guy rage quit instantly haha

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