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Best buying a ps3 or 360 used

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by Lordofgames, May 11, 2016.

  1. there are some games i cant get on ps4 that i liked to play and with mates over.

    Such as fight night games and ufc3 and also fifa14 world cup....

    Ive played all the ps4 exclusives so one would say xbox the better choice.

    BUT xbox has rrod problems right?

    So buying a used ps4 is a safer bet? Id rather the 360 i guess as i can buy forza and GoW, not sure what else but these are defos.

    So pros of 360 are exclusives ive not played and ps3 pro is less chance to brake down?

  2. Only 1st gen 360's had RROD issue. I would recommend a 360 slim, quieter, various improvements and no RROD issue whatsoever.
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  3. cool ill go for that
  4. What happened to too many games not enough time? Not sure buying another console sorts that out :rofl:
    Or are you cutting out sleep entirely now?
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  5. lol its true but i have this urge to play a fight night game and i want to play fifa wc14 in brazil..cant do either on current gens sadly....wont be much play but needed for occasional fix...also my mate got fight night on xbox so can play him online, wonder if u still need to pay subscription now xbone is out, maybe its cheaper?
  6. You still need a sub to play online. Research on any games you want to play online though, some have servers shut down (especially any EA title)
  7. ah right not overly fussed about online just added bonus

    keen to play GoW series also and maybe forza

    really miss fight nmight

  8. Last time I checked GoW servers still going. However it has a brutal learning curve be warned. Personally I wouldn't bother with the MP and just play the campaigns which are epic
  9. yeh i meant offline only, i almost ocmpleted one but havent played the others.

    Halo same maybe worth playing but i never got into it much tbh.

    Forza and project racing but again i prob have better.newer games for racing on pc and have a driving wheel...

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