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Discussion in 'Role Playing Games' started by Andy_XCite, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. This game is fantastic, just keeps getting better.
  2. Are you playing without a guide?

    I've not played much yet as we've been busy for the past few days. I have a nice new Sony TV to pay it on now, though, and I'm looking forward to jumping on tonight :)
  3. Went to buy this from Sainsburys today using the nectar double up and they didn't have it in stock :(
  4. Yeah Carrot, all blind...I did struggle with a couple of bosses but I summoned an NPC for one and just did the other one later when I was stronger.
    Haven't found any hidden walls (I'm suspecting there isn't any) but there are loads of hidden areas, fantastic map design ... the best of any (recent) From game.

    Best survival horror game since Dead Space :)
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  5. I've spent all night trying to beat a certain Father. Finally nailed him at the 19th (?!) attempt...

    Not sure why I found it so hard, but I did.
  6. So this is like Dead Space then in the scary/horror style? I liked DS especially the second one, I might watch a few streams and get a second hand copy in a month or two, still got SWTOR to play as I've re subbed for two months!!
  7. :mad:Carrot. Yeah that old footballer gave me alot of grief, especially in his last form ... he would just steam roll over me and I wouldn't have a chance.
    I think levelling up your health is pretty important, in the past I just go straight to the damage output stats but I'm feeling that it is not so wise now.

    @Maverick. It is sort of scary but alot of it is in the mind. I thought the dark tones (& constant grey pallet) would get to me but it is pretty brilliant.
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  8. I've been going four strength, skill, and endurance. Maybe I'll stick a few more points in health...
  9. I soooo need to get this.

    Where are people ranking this against the other Demon's / Dark Souls games?
  10. Better than Dark Souls 2.

    As Andy says, the levels (from my early-stage point of view) seem to be really neatly connected, similar to Dark Souls. The shortcuts are actually quite meaningful.

    The mood is fantastic -- really gothic and creepy.

    I'm over the fact that I don't have a shield, but that doesn't mean I don't miss it at times. Looking forward to seeing how the weapons level up as I go.

    Two bosses (and about six hours) in, I can say that I'm enjoying it immensely.
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  11. Yeah far better than Dark 2, I would say this is the best yet.
    Dark souls 1 was great but dropped off towards the end, this game seems very consistant.
    Demon's souls was also great but lacked the content that this does.

    The only drawbacks that I can see is that there are fewer game styles than before (ie magic, pyro, tank etc..) ... however that seems to be changing a bit later in the game.
    Plus the bosses seem great and all but lack the grand locales that Dark souls 1 had (ie fighting the gargoyles ontop of a church) ... plus there seems to be fewer of them but I'm not sure, only from what I've played.

    Also I like the new traps & tricks, Dark souls 2 just seemed to take the traps from 1 and put them everywhere (ie hidden walls & mimics everywhere, ). Bloodborne has some new tricks up its sleeve.
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  12. Haven't played this much since the first day. Managed to level my strength and endurance by a couple of points so far. Gonna put some serious game time in over this long weekend. Can't wait! (also slightly sceptical about being killed so much too lol)
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  13. Up to level 23 now. Spreading ny points between endurance, skill and vitality, mostly.

    I found a shield as well! It's pretty rubbish - just made of wood - but I'm glad to have it :)
  14. Mutliplayer tips and tricks details from the playstation blog:

    Hello everyone. Thank you so much for your interest in Bloodborne during launch. We wanted to share some tips and guidance for the multiplayer experience for those that are encountering issues or have lingering questions. If you’re sensitive to spoiler content, please be advised that the below does contain material related to the story.

    Online Multiplayer
    Bloodborne features both cooperative and versus online multiplayer functionality.

    Utilising the new Suspend/Resume feature to put the PS4 into Rest mode without shutting down the game first causes players to be unable to complete matchmaking. Please be sure to restart the game in order to make sure you are able to connect online and matchmaker for multiplayer.

    This issue will be addressed in an upcoming patch.

    Bloodborne features cooperative play for up to 3 players max. Below, the player initiating the cooperative session is the “host” and players who respond to that are the “guests.”

    Cooperative Play Rules
    The goal of cooperative play is to join forces and work together to defeat enemies.

    Initiating Cooperative Play

    1. Host uses/rings the Beckoning Bell
    2. Guests use/ring the Small Resonant Bell
    3. Host and guest (up to 2 guests) are connected, and play within the Host’s game

      • The “Beckoning Bell” can be found within the Hunter’s Dream when you have one or more Insight points.
      • You can acquire the Small Resonant Bell from the Insight shop that appears in the Hunter’s Dream once you have at least 10 Insight points.
      • If you have already defeated the boss in the area you are currently in, you won’t be able to use the Beckoning Bell. However you will still be able to use the Small Resonant Bell to join other player’s games as a Guest and assist them.
      • The game does not match players who are too far apart in their current player Level.

    Cooperative Play Completion
    Once players successfully defeat the boss enemy in the area they are joined to, the guests receive a bonus reward and are returned to their own world/game.

    Cooperative Play Incompletion
    If the host or guest(s) die, or if a guest uses the Silencing Blank item, the guest(s) are returned to their own world/game, and do not receive the bonus reward.

    The multiplayer matchmaking for cooperative play is automatic and random. However by setting a password for your session, other players can enter the same password and be joined to your game. Passwords can be up to 8 letters long.

    *Passwords are only used for cooperative play, not Versus PvP sessions.

    The game does not match players who are too far apart in their current player Level.

    Versus PvP allows players to face off against one another in combat. In the below outline, the player that gets invaded is the “Host” and the invader is the “guest.” Also note that in certain areas within the game, there can be up to two guests or invaders within a host’s game/world.

    Versus Play Rules
    When a host is in an area where a “bell-ringing woman” is present, Versus PvP invasions are possible.

    The “bell-ringing woman” appears when playing cooperative play or when the “Sinister Resonant Bell” is used, but there are rare areas in the game where she appears on her own. The objective for the guest player that has invaded another player’s game is to defeat the host. If the invader is successful, s/he will be returned to his/her own game/world.

    Initiating Versus Play (Random Invasion)

    1. Guest uses/rings the Sinister Resonant Bell.
    2. Host begins cooperative play, or uses Sinister Resonant Bell to summon the bell-ringing woman.
    3. Guest is transported to host’s game/world.
    4. Host and guest play in Host’s game/world.

      • When the Host’s Level is still low, the Bell-Ringing Woman will not appear when initiating Coop play.
      • You can acquire the Sinister Resonant Bell from the Insight shop that appears in the Hunter’s Dream once you have at least 10 Insight points.

    Versus Play Completion
    If the guest is able to defeat the host, s/he will receive a reward and be returned to his/her game/world.

    Versus Play Incompletion
    If the guest dies, or the host makes it to the boss fight area, or if the guest chooses to use the Silencing Blank item, the guest is returned to his/her own game/world without receiving a reward for completing the versus play session.

    You can also play Multiplayer within Chalice Dungeons. In order to do so, all players must have the same Chalice Dungeon saved on their PS4. You can either share a dungeon you created from the Ritual Altar, or you can join dungeons created by other players via the “Ritual Altar” or the “Makeshift Altar.” By using Chalice Glyph, you can share a dungeon with just the person you have shared the Code with.


      • There are certain requirements to joining a Chalice Dungeon created by another player.
      • Normal Dungeons: If you have used that Chalice to create a dungeon, you will be able to join by searching.
      • Root Chalice Dungeons: If you have already acquired the Root Chalice for that Ritual Level or Area, you can either search or join from search.
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  15. Finished this today. What a great game although it does have a couple of really annoying bosses.
    I'm playing through the dungeons now, and they are harder than the game but apparently they don't scale with NG+ so things should get easier.

    Quite pleased that I managed to find all of the secret areas & secret bosses (bar one...which I'm not sure how anyone found)....although I did miss a vital NPC (the very first one), not sure how that happened as I thought I looked everywhere.

    Gonna roll another character at some point and just shout if anyone wants to play some co-op (in the dungeons or the game).

    Fingers crossed for DLC, which is not something I often say.
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  16. @Andy_XCite Finished it already *sighs* how many hours of gameplay do you reckon?
  17. About 35-40 hours I guess. I'm doing the chalice dungeons at the moment which should take a while, they are actually pretty good when you start getting a bit deeper (level 4+).
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  18. Upto the BSB - and just trying out co-op at the moment - helping out other people in the same area.

    Loving this game - who needs a shield!!! :)
  19. I haven't found this as intriguing as Demons' Souls or either of the Dark Souls. It has a bit of a story with side quests/optional areas, and the main of it is pretty good. I'm 2 trophies off the platinum, and to be honest, it's not felt as hard as the souls games. A majority of the bosses are get up close/behind and go berserk. There's a couple where you have to be tactical and take your time, but most are just spam attacks.

    Demons' Souls has all the light and dark tendency events, and NPC quest lines. Lots of different upgrade paths for weapons and some proper tough bosses. Dark Souls was possibly the hardest imo. It was punishing in the early sections. Dark souls 2 was also enjoyable.

    I do think Bloodbourne is a good game, but with the lack of different upgrade paths, and as you might see, lack of blood rocks in the main game, experimenting with weapons isn't really an option. I'm not feeling any reason to carry on with NG+. At least with the Dark Souls, you had to do it for the trophies and to experience different things like weapons/spells etc.

    I'm getting on with dungeons with a couple of mates, and it is highly annoying having to run through each one 3 times due to the poor co-op method they have chosen for it.

    All in all, I think it is a good game, but I personally wouldn't rate it better than any of the souls games. They really got a hold of me. This one hasn't been as gripping.
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