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Discussion in 'Role Playing Games' started by Andy_XCite, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. I agree the NPC's are less interesting (Dark Souls 1 & even 2 were pretty good).
    The combat is fantastic in Bloodborne but the limited magic / miracles & stats have resulted in limited replay.

    But I think the world design is the best yet so hopefully some DLC might add a bit of spice.

    PS. I'm one trophy from platinum.
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  2. Ping ... platted.
    The later chalice dungeons were a new level of nightmare.
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  3. Wow. I'm still struggling to kill a bloody great spider.
  4. I hate that spider so much, he is in one of the required chalice dungeons as well except this time he is in a little tiny room ... oh what joy we had!
  5. Well I just went in a wailed on him, be sure to hit the sides or back.
    Apparently you can look up at the sky to see the hailstones although that is what tend to get me so I ensured I was wearing the best gear plus put on defence & HP runes.

    A few people have said to clear out the spiders but hmmm, not sure.

    Bolt damage also helps.

    Also when you are levelling up your character, check that you haven't reached a soft cap ... I was noticing that an additional point in strength (which was my chosen build) didn't give me the same advantage as a point in skill.
    Obviously it depends on the weapon (mine has the same stat for strength & skill).
  6. Cheers. I wussed out in the end and called in some help.

    Now got some massive dude plus the flipping Muppets wailing on me from the boxes.
  7. The Old reborn?
    I enjoyed that fight, it was a cross between the Tower Knight & The Asylum demon ... a hint there on how I played it.
  8. Yeah, that's him. Got there late last night, had one go and thought 'stuff this'.

    I'll hopefully be more up for the fight tonight.
  9. My fight against one of the last chalice dungeon bosses so I guess, spoiler alert.

    First attempt at using Sharefactory which is actually very good and I wished I saved a few more Bloodborne clips.

    Feel free to like, comment and subscribe :)
    (I jest).
  10. Did him like a kipper once I realised you can get upstairs.
  11. Good stuff FC, yeah I died the first time there and as always I pan the camera during the dying bit and saw what looked like another path :D

    Apparently they have sold a million copies (in 10 days I think [when the data was collected]) which is very good and I hope they do DLC and a sequel. The Souls games have always sold more on the PS platforms.

    I see those cheeky people at Namco (I'm blaming them) have done the dirty on the Scholar of the first sin on PS3 & X360 ... rather than bundle the game and the DLC on disk they have simply enclosed the standard game and a DLC download code.
    Pretty low.
  12. I'm finding the defiled chalice dungeon bosses a pain. Just had a few attempts at Amygdala. The dog, and a few others before were tricky. Seems this part of the game is more difficult than the main lol. I've not used the suspend app bug, but I'm getting tempted :)
  13. That's really cheap from Namco. Bah.
  14. Upto the doors of both the witch and the vicar, but tried neither yet - have been levelling up my weapons and indulging in jolly cooperation with others - including @dantheman1977

    Really good game tbf, but wish there was a stronger magic play near the beginning of the game for options.
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  15. finally put some time into this in the morning. beat the cleric and father g currently just levelling up. seems like I've only got time for it on weekends lol
    throughly enjoyable though
  16. Since done the Vicar, the witch and Paarl. Just working my way through the forest for the boss there. Took a trip to Cainhurst, but think I might be a little underpowered for it atm.

    @ashbeige let me know if you want to party up at any point mate.
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  17. @MilkyMalky Yeah mate I'll definitely be up for that. Probably on the weekend
    #118 ashbeige, Apr 20, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2015
  18. Help!

    I'm totally stuck trying to beat Ebrietas. If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.

    I've been trying and failing all evening, and it's driving me mad now. I managed to find one cooperative soul in about two/three hours and they died within thirty seconds!!
  19. Sorted now. A kindly soul dropped into my game this lunchtime and helped me out :)

    Only even bigger and badder bosses now. Eek.

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