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Discussion in 'Role Playing Games' started by Andy_XCite, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Good stuff FC. It was a tough fight, probably the hardest due to the one hit kills.
  2. Yeah, that rush attack was killing me. Time and again.
  3. Next stop platinum :)
    (PS. I suggest backing up your save to USB/cloud before final boss in order to avoid another playthrough).
  4. Ok. How do I know it's the final boss?!
  5. You'll know
  6. I didn't. Beat the game anyway, which was nice. A bit of friendly help for a few bosses along the way.
  7. Oh right, I thought you would think "hey up something is different here" :)

    Good job though.
  8. Upto the last boss now, just trying to work myself to Pthumeria in the Chalice Dungeons before I do it.

    Been a brilliant game, loved it a lot!
  9. Bloodborne expansion "The Old Hunters" now has a release date of 24th Nov
    There will also be a retail version called Old Hunter edition which includes game & dlc. Date is 3rd december.
  10. You interested in that?
  11. Yeah I think so, I'll go for the old hunter edition as I sold my copy (was just a standard copy).

    Not sure at the moment whether we are actually getting a retail release over here so we will have to wait & see.

    The DLC is quite nicely priced at £11.99 (cheaper [just] than the US).
  12. Sounds good. I might go for the dlc. I've got quite a bit of store credit.
  13. Gave in and bought the GotY version off the store.
  14. Bit late to the party, but just completed the game and the DLC... WOW! what a game.

    Fantastic. I am now interested in the Dark Souls series having never played them.

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