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Call Of Duty 4: Remastered

Discussion in 'Call of Duty' started by Boogaloo, May 2, 2016.

  1. Look if you want something that looks well then this game is not for you. It looks great compared to the ps3 version that's for sure.. But this game is not about how it looks and not what your buying

    If you want something you can put on for couple of hours at night and get great gun on gun experience then this is what you want. BS stripped out. Not sitting for x amount time setting up classes and custom avatars and running around a map for 15mins to try and find some noob in a corner with a sniper rifle.
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  2. Yes!
  3. Legacy edition 50 quid at simply games
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  4. 45 quid too expensive
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  5. 6 new maps and two more game modes dropping on the 13th hardpoint and gun game

  6. Bought this as it was deal of the week got it for £20ish after credit from cdkeys.

    Will give me an fps to pick up and play in-between sp titles.. If my broadband allows it.

    Graphically looks good especially with pro support, sound as always is great sound bar pinging off all sorts of bullets and explosions everywhere.

    Can't remember much of the sp story so kind of fresh for me, played the first two levels so far all I can do until the mp side downloads.

    Here is some gameplay for the opening level on the ship:

  7. Hey haven't been on for a while, anybody here still playing this online?
    Add me if you fancy a few games cheers

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