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Clash of Clans

Discussion in 'iPhone / iPod / iPad' started by WolfCarnage, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Found this app by accident a few weeks ago and have been totally hooked ever since.

    It's a little map strategy game not unlike many others where you get to build your own medieval village and send troops out to battle against other online players

    You also get to join a clan once you've built a castle and help your clan mates work their way up the clan league table.

    There's much to like about this app, especially the interactive nature of being in a clan. You get to chat with your clan and give and receive troops to help you on your way.

    There's a nice story mode that sees you work your way through goblin villages that get progressively more difficult and you complete challenges along the way.

    The best bit though is the multiplayer aspect. Basically you build your village to withstand attacks and use your troops to attack and win trophies. The better you defend the less trophies you lose (and even win sometimes)' whilst attacking will get you more trophies.

    There are 3 types of currency, Coins and Elixer can be used to. Utile things and upgrade things such as defences and camps. Gems are also there and are used to speed things up and can be bought for real money.

    Things do take a while to upgrade etc, such is the beast of this type of game, tempting you to part with your cash to speed things up. It is very playable with no injection of your money though.

    Tips for attacking

    The best way to attack is to decide what you're after. Elixer & Coin or trophies. If you want trophies then go for the easy wins, the villages that look easy and have a small number of trophies. 15 for example.

    If you want Elixer & coins then use goblins to trash the place.

    More to follow

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  2. Here's a pic of my next set up. I like to keep thing nice and tidy looking.

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  3. Here's my current set up.

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  4. Ok, Risk. Here's a few tips for your layout. Try and spread your walls out as far as possible and have one surround your town hall and mortars. This way you can take out the archers because they spend time taking out your wall. On e they break through then they bunch up and the mortar gets them. Take a look at my set up (not the one above as I have changed it). Try and leave a gap between your wall and stuff.
  5. Thanks for the strategy tips Wolf much appreciated! I'm so addicted to this game and keep restructuring. Currently about 22 hours off level 4 Town Hall to give me more wall to play with. Is it likely I'll get attacked once the shield runs out? If I do could it be from extremely high level players with dragons or is there some sort of match up that takes place?
  6. Took a look at your layout and its looking good. It's important to make it difficult to take out your town hall as that's an instant win. And the mortar is the best weapon so work on upgrading that. Also get your walls upgraded as fast as possible. I know you can't do it all at once but once your shield is gone and you start attacking you'll bag some gold.

    A good tip is to leave as little gold and elixir in your stores as you can when not playing as people tend not to attack so much. There is a match making system but its not great. You should only get attacked by players with a similar trophy count.
  7. Here's my current set-up and during the next few days I will do this basic wall design around key structures and defences and upgrade walls accordingly :)

  8. Here's my set up. It's been very good to me and I win about 50% of defends, that gives me about 20 trophies per attack and the ones I lose average out at a loss of about 12.

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  9. That layout most be weeks if not months a way...
  10. I have been at it for a few months now but the general concept works on any size base. Try it.
  11. A bit of time has passed since my last base pic

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