Classes and Loadouts


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Millsy said:
Could someone try and explain the system to me, will benefit the BF boys as well
I watched a video which said the MTAR and MP7 were good and that I can swap my sidearm for extra stuff. That'll do me for tonight.


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Here is a link about create a class:

You can allocate 10 points to each class this splits down to:

primary weapon
secondary weapon
perk 1-3

each one you choose above will cost you a point so you could have:

primary: mtar (1 point)
primary attachment: red dot sight, fore grip (2 points)
secondary weapon: smaw (1 point)
secondary attachment: none (this depends on secondary weapon akimbo etc)
equipment lethal: combat axe (1 point)
perk 1: Lightweight (1 point)
perk 2: Scavenger (1 point)
perk 3: Dexterity (1 point)

So the loadout above would cost you 8 points out a possible 10.

There is also wildcards that can be used at a point each (this varies as some wildcards require you take a extra perk making it 2 points) these can give you for example a option to carry 3 attachments instead of 2.