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CoD: World at War co-op.

Discussion in 'Call of Duty' started by Xorro, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. I know this is really old now, but I've decided to go back to it.

    Would anyone be willing to help me get 1 co-op trophy? I need to get Blue Ribbon where I come first in a Competitive Co-op match, the online is really quiet so it's difficult to find a game.

    I need 3 people.
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  2. I'll give you a hand and I could also do with the trophy as well although I do think the plat is out of the question for me as my skills aren't good enough.
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  3. Hi Andy, thanks for the offer. I managed to get all 3 trophies legit in the end, but I'm happy to help you with them. :)

    Campaign co-op is super quiet, so unless you're lucky like I was you'll need one other person to play a single round with.

    For the Competitive co-op you can also do this with just one other person, there's normally someone that will join your match, so that shouldn't be too difficult.

    The tough one is Blue Ribbon where you have to come first in a 4-player competitive co-op game. I managed to do it legit by always pushing forward and getting the most kills and keeping my multiplier up. The alternative is to do a private match with 3 friends.

    For some reason I don't get notifictions for VGF, so drop me a friend request and message me through PSN if you need help. PSN ID: Xorro_175

    email notifications now switched on!
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