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Console Gaming Bargains

Discussion in 'The Bargain Bin' started by Riddler_Tam, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. It was to help me on a specific mission and I've got none
  2. I'll need to download it again on the pro, can see about progressing ur story some more... and test ur mic...
  3. mics. Plural
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  4. Ordered...I'll help out and dish out what I have left! Trophies for the DLC too.
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  5. A PS4 Pro can currently be had from Very for £280 if you have a credit account.

    They're crediting your account back 20% the cost of any PS4 systems if you chose to pay using the Buy Now, Pay Later 12 months interest free credit option.
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  6. So tempted @Shadow Weaver ...I'm upgrading the TV this year and it does seem a good price. Heart says yes, head says wait.
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  7. Just bought a PlayStation Pro from Amazon Warehouse then cancelled it. Working out at £268 for used like new. I don't need it.

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  8. Mirror's edge catalyst is a crazy £8.99 (for ps+ peeps).
    I'm still aghast at why they don't put prices in the blog posts....crazy shit and they must lose sales because of it.
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  9. Pisses me off waiting for the game page on store to load for each price I want to see.
  10. And for anyone wanting it that owns an Xbox remember it's in the EA Access vault
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  11. Gold edition Ghost recon wildlands ps4.
    £22 (& change) on ubisoft store.
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  12. Thanks, Andy. My son was after this to play co-op with a friend. Missed the first batch, but it came back in stock about 20 minutes ago.

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  13. Oh I just sent you a PSN message about playing in co-op, thought it was you playing. :D
  14. I've been hammering it recently...just mopping up collectibles. Very good game but repetitive.
  15. Xbox Elite Controller and Assassins Creed Origins £109.99 at Argos. When purchased at the till it rings up at £99.99.

    Straight to CEX and got £35 cash for AC:O, so effectively the Elite cost £65, £30/£35 when I flog the controller I get with the new X in a week or so.

    Not too shabby.
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