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Destiny 2

Discussion in 'Destiny' started by Eaglewolfenstein, Mar 28, 2017.

By Eaglewolfenstein on Mar 28, 2017 at 7:20 AM
  1. [​IMG]

    Destiny 2 has finally been confirmed!

    Developer Bungie tweeted with the game's title announcing that a sequel to 2014's shared world shooter is indeed real.

    There are speculations that the game will be hitting shelves this year and with rumours of the game being called Destiny II: Forge of Hope.

    It seems the game will be launched on five platforms: PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox Scorpio, and PC.
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Discussion in 'Destiny' started by Eaglewolfenstein, Mar 28, 2017.

    1. Can now be pre-ordered on PC and release has been moved forward for PS4 and Xbox to September 6th
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    2. Bungie revealed the first details of Destiny 2‘s beta, which kicks off later this month. The beta – with early access from 18th July if you pre-order and 21st July for everyone else – will provide a sampling of Destiny’s different play modes. Here’s what’s scheduled on PS4, straight from Bungie HQ:

      Destiny 2 campaign
      You’ll get a chance to try the first mission in Destiny 2’s campaign. What does Dominus Ghaul want with the Traveler?

      Crucible competitive play
      The Destiny 2 Open Beta comes with support for two competitive modes. In the new mode Countdown, you’ll attack or defend a base on a map custom-built for this new scenario. In Control, an update on the Crucible standby, you’ll attempt to dominate zones on a map built for this objective type.

      In the Inverted Spire Strike, you’ll assault a well-protected Vex stronghold with the help of two teammates. You can also use matchmaking to join up with a Guardian fireteam!

      New subclasses
      Each Class’s new fighting style will be available in the Open Beta — that means Warlocks can try out the Dawnblade, Hunters the Arcstrider, and Titans the Sentinel.

      How to get access
      Pre-ordering grants you early access to the Destiny 2 Open Beta on PS4 starting 18th July.

      The Destiny 2 open beta will also offer fans a chance to check out The Farm, Destiny 2’s new social space. Bungie is extending an open invitation to open beta players to participate in a limited technical test. Take a tour of The Farm from 6pm BST to 7pm BST on Sunday, 23rd July to see how many players the new social space can accommodate at one time. Note: Most vendors and other services will be non-operational.
    3. Played D2 on PC Yesterday and can really notice the difference in fps. The game also feels so much better using KB+M. It's a shame to have to wait until the 24 october for this to come out.
    4. Servers now live for anyone who has received disc based version early

      For those digital folks you have to wait
    5. So after playing from midnight until after 4am then this morning here are my findings

      Game looks beautiful and I'm on standard console not HDR/4K
      Story is good and they have definitely improved things in that respect. The areas you go to at present are all new which is fantastic. New weapons and supermodes are awesome

      Just played my first 2 games in the crucible. Finished the first one with a KD of 2.00 and the second game I was 16.00 (no deaths)

      Amazing game so far

      @Wicksy just as I know you want the game
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    6. @Wicksy loved D1 so he's desperate to get D2
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    7. Played about an hour and a half from midnight and it's brilliant so far.

      The storyline is very different to D1 in the sense that there actually is one!

      I really could've played for hours and am itching to get back home to have another decent session.

      Graphically it seems better than D1.

      I look forward to getting stuck in!
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    8. One for you guys @WARIO @Bartell @ukgrime @Fernando24

      To celebrate its imminent launch, we’ve put together a great range of Destiny 2 merchandise on PlayStation Gear – fit for all Guardians.

      Gear up for your next raid with everything from stylish caps, key-rings and wallets to framed prints, fridge magnets and even a Tricorn ice cube tray!


      Check out some of our favourite additions below.

      Represent your class with a wide range of mugs out now featuring a mix of stylised character artwork and iconic game insignia.


      Look the part of a Guardian with stylish Vanguard, Veist and Tricorn snapbacks plus premium Tricorn wallets.


      Show off the striking new Destiny 2 artwork pride of place in your home with framed premium prints.


      Quench your thirst after an epic quest and keep your keys safe with these 3D ghost key-rings and bottle openers.

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