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DRAFT DAY poll + Post/Off-season schedule.

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by deanomcfee91, Nov 1, 2017.


when do you want the DRAFT? please vote for all the days you can attend

Poll closed Nov 10, 2017.
  1. Wed 15th 8pm

  2. Thurs 16th 8pm

  3. Fri 17th 8pm

  4. Sat 18th 8pm

  5. Sun 19th 8pm

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. @VGFL Member

    Post season football is almost here. We run the post/off season as quickly as possible so people don't get too bored. If an issue occurs during post season games (game scheduling/rule breaks) please let a commissioner know ASAP.

    Wild card round - 48 hrs -- Thursday 2nd 10pm- Sunday 5th 6pm
    Divisional Round - 48 hrs
    Championship Round - 48 hrs
    Super Bowl - 48 hrs


    Off-season Stage 1 -- Re-signs completed this phase -- 24hrs
    Off-season Stage 2 -- Free Agency/Trades/Scouting -- 24hrs
    Off-season Stage 3 -- Free Agency/Trades/Scouting -- 24hrs
    Off-season Stage 4 -- Final Free Agency/Trades/Scouting --24hrs
    Off-season Stage 5 -- Trades/Scouting Only -- Up until draft date
    Off-season Stage 6 -- Draft -- VOTE

    The Following Steps will happen After the Draft:

    Off-season Stage 7 -- Rookie Signings (Which is Automatically done)
    Off-season Stage 8 -- Position Changes -- will be skipped as position changes need to be accepted by the committee


    @VGFL Member

    After the draft, daddyleagues will be updated from there you can see all the Free agents. Please send me a list of Free agents you'd like to sign. I Will then divide one player/team up using draft order. E.g. Dolphins will get the 1st pick from the FA pool. Make sure to send me enough names also in the order you would like them otherwise you might not get any. Please send me your list with your team name as a title via PM on here otherwise I won't accept it. I need your list by 12:00 GMT Thursday.

    We will advance to preseason week 1 at 17:00 GMT On Thursday. You can then sign your assigned FA's the list will be posted on the forum.

    Advance to pre-season week 2 at 09:00 GMT till 21:00 GMT Friday (Free agent free for all)

    Pre-season week 3 will be from 21:00 Friday till 17:00 Saturday
    Advance to pre-season week 4 at 17:00 Saturday till Sunday at 17:00

    If you can schedule your preseason games feel free to play them if not no team will be placed on CPU.

    Advance to the regular season will be on sunday at 17:00 GMT. We will then advance at normal times from then on. Regular season week 2 will begin on Thursday at 22:00
    #1 deanomcfee91, Nov 1, 2017
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2017
  2. Wednesday or Thursday. I am away all weekend beyond that
  3. @VGFL Member get your votes in or you'll be disappointed.
  4. Looks like I'll be disappointed anyway. Weekdays suck for me
  5. Shit what time is it for you at 8pm like 3pm
  6. Yeah, time for work.
  7. Its ok. The cpu might be kind to me.
  8. Nightmare dude. Can you do earlier? Like 7pm?
  9. At least you can set draftboard this year
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  10. @VGFL Member would it affect anyone if we started at 7pm?
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  11. Yes, me. ^^
    I changed one of my vote so maybe we can do it in the weekend and allow Crispy to be there
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  12. Sunday's a close contender.
  13. QB QB QB RG RE
  14. If its the weekend I can't be there. Im working :(
  15. No weekend i can't get on! :(
  16. so weekends a no go, unless it gets the vote. looks like it will have to be 8pm then.
  17. Preseason schedule above ☝️☝️☝️
  18. No chance of two preseason games?

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