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F1 2017

Discussion in 'Formula 1 2016' started by Aaron Day, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. will we be doing it all again on the new game when released?
  2. I'm in but waiting for the price drop this year.

    It was a shame we had such a high drop out rate by the end of the year.
  3. Me, pops, shinner and lasse have it. Good game and more challenging than previous game. We still play on Wednesdays and Sundays if anyone wants to jump in for a game.

    I see metro has got it too.
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  4. Just bought it. Had £50 credit on my account and I bought two (as the price had dropped to £41.99) so got £10 off so all in was about £27 and will give the other one to my mate for his birthday as he is a big F1 fan and his G/F has just bought him a PS4.
  5. I'm up for a race, I miss getting lapped by you guys
  6. What times do you guys usually play each week? I'm happy to join.?

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