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F1 League

Discussion in 'Formula 1 2016' started by Eaglewolfenstein, Nov 13, 2016.


What night can't you play?

  1. Monday (10-11)

    3 vote(s)
  2. Tuesday (10-11)

    2 vote(s)
  3. Wednesday (10-11)

    2 vote(s)
  4. Thursday (10-11)

    4 vote(s)
  5. Sunday (10-11)

    3 vote(s)
  6. Can't be on later than 11.

    0 vote(s)
  7. Can Play anytime anyday

    3 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. @Registered

    Hi All,

    I just wanted to open this up to everyone to see whether anyone would be interested in joining in a F1 2016 league.

    It would most likely be one evening in the week probably starting at 9.30 or 10 with a 15 min qualifying round plus a 50% race with dynamic weather and parc fermé on.

    Would be great to get a full 20 of us but if we could possibly get to 14 that would be good enough to start.

    Would follow the season with all tracks and teams will be managed as if it was Sim. All teams will have a main driver and if you have a bad season you could be removed from the squad as the main driver and might have to join a lower level team. Your main driver will be the one to help there team mate through each game. Team points will be kept as well.

    Will only start if we get a good amount of players.

    1. EagleWolfenstein
    2. Bartell
    3. Lordofgames
    4. Zill
    5. Wicksy
    6. Metro
    7. Batesy
    8. Aaron
    9. shawpe
    10. Bigjimmyaston
    11. Reserved
    12. Reserved
    13, Reserved
    14. Dean3k
    15. Tom Tom
    16. KeithKlunge
    17. ScottJones
    18. RobbieBrewis
    19. Dean
    20. Reserved
    21. Nuzik
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    #1 Eaglewolfenstein, Nov 13, 2016
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2016

  2. I'm in

    I assume it's PS4 format?
  3. ye I'm interested on ps4?

    I got on pc and my wheel but can buy ps4...if I buy/use wheel on ps4 is that ok? I think it prob makes me slower actually so...
  4. I suck at it but would give a shot. again if it were late starts. so do keep me in mind
  5. @Eaglewolfenstein are we setting all teams same class car or as they are in real life? If car performance is mirroring real life how will it be decided who gets what car/team?

    Open for debate. I would be more open to same class cars but I am not to fussed, would just need to make sure we work out a good method if we go with sim.
  6. also how long is 50% race..about 1 hour?

    Problem with the f1 games is my eyes used to water and either couldn't keep them open or fall asleep after so long lol.

    The game requires so much concentration and full staring at screen like no other game!
  7. it is PS4 yes.

    We would only want players that are wanting to play properly rather than first or second corner carnage.

    We used to do Monday night racing which started at 10 but I am very open to days but it will most likely be a 9.30 or 10 start so we can fit it all in by 11 and allow people to put wife and kids to bed.
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  8. could do trials, few races and worst players get best cars, of course that means people could cheat in the races though so....any other idea..
  9. The aim would be maybe 30-45 min race wit 15 min qualifying.

    I know a few people who play it on PS4 who can help manage the league as they play it every week and have experience of league style.
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  10. Could always do F2 races to make sure cars are even then work from that.
  11. yeh like first 5 races of season have equal cars then based on that assign to teams?
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  12. Well I'm still all in. Really enjoy F1 16 and would enjoy a league
  13. I currently play in a league and we have equal cars and it works out perfectly. The only change we will be making for next season is AI level from hard to expert or whatever it is!
  14. How many people in your league jimmy?
  15. Fuck sake :LOL:
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  16. @Eaglewolfenstein - only 8 mate and we play with AI cars because they're not as stupid as they were last season!
  17. Would you all be interested in joining the two leagues together or if that not something they would be interested in, would you want to join a 2nd. I believe we have another 5 on top of the above list and your 8 would make the 20 already.
  18. @Eaglewolfenstein - I will ask them tonight mate as we race on sundays... I'm sure a few of them would be interested in joining your league
  19. @bigjimmyaston

    Appreciate mate and all the help would be good. So having a community of people that already play in leagues would be hugely advantageous. Means I can take a sit back and let everyone debate as I will need to buy the game but very much up for it.

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