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Falcons vs Bucs

Discussion in 'Regular Season: Week 13' started by deanomcfee91, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. @Kallax4 when do you want to play buddy
  2. I need to practice a LOT before our game haha
    I can play friday..
  3. Sweet what time?
  4. Before this game if you can..Premier League: 19.45 Arsenal-Leicester,
    I'm a Gunner

    Or We play on Saturady NP for me
  5. We must go for Saturday Or Sunday...
    Party today a friend is getting old only 50 years haha
  6. @Kallax4 what time do you want to play our game bud?
  7. Morning..
    We can play around 10 your time if its ok
    In 1 hour....
  8. @dean
    Im online
    Ok if you stream.. Only on wifi
  9. Good Luck...

    Or i need luck haha
  10. Gg
    Lots of bad throws from me

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