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FIFA 13 Purchasing Thread

Discussion in 'FIFA' started by fozzeh, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. So, for those who haven’t pre-ordered yet, here’s what we can speculate will be available on release day. If anyone does get any good prices or wants other places adding on the list, get it whacked in here. I will include expired offers too.

    Instore – release day offers
    Tesco – speculation is either ‘buy one chart title and get FIFA for £19.99’ or ‘buy FIFA and a £20/£25 PSN card for £44.99/£49.99’
    ASDA – would guess the same as above…or ‘spend £30 in store and get the game for £19.99’. I like this one as you can get some booze in and the game! Whatever else you buy is probably more of value than a PSN card
    Sainsburys – as above…did it last year
    Morrisons – will be interesting to see if they get in on the gaming war
    HMV – rumours have spread that it will be £28.99 in store…but this is unconfirmed
    GAME – no offers as such…advertising you get the Adidas squad and tokens with Ultimate but nothing more. They will need to compete with other stores though.

    Amazon – nothing yet
    Play – nothing yet
    Sainsburys – theirs has come and gone. Ultimate for £36 or standard for £31.
    Tesco – nothing yet
    ASDA – nothing yet
    TheHut – come and gone! Standard edition plus two pairs of boxers for £34.99.
    GAME – as above; advertising you get the Adidas squad and tokens with Ultimate but nothing more.

    Price point – TheHut has valued the game at £25 (they value the boxers at £15…but it’s £10 in anyone’s eyes!) so below this so far is the one to beat.

    Come on Dan, you know you're wanting to post ;)
  2. This is exactly what I am looking for! I am yet to pre-order my copy, so hoping for a bargain online soon! Definitely keeping my eye on this thread! :)
  3. Lol Foz. I went with the Sainsbury's Ultimate Edition for £35.99. I will sell the Ultimate Team code as spent far too much time on Ultimate Team last year and think I'll be too busy with the VGF league to do that again. It's on pre-order so if there is a better deal between now and release I'll cancel and order elsewhere.
    If it is £28.99 at HMV I will go and buy it on the day (I have credit) and either stick the Ultimate Edition up on EBay or return to Sainsbury's. I did go in to HMV in Oxford Street (London for all you Northerners) and ask about pricing and they told me Standard Edition would be £44.99 so not sure where this rumour has come from.
  4. I'm looking at a release day trip to Tescos to pick it up and see what deal they have on.
    Wish they would do the £25 for the first weekend deals like they did a few years ago!!
  5. I'll be buying on release day from either Sainsburys or Tescos depending on who had the best price.

    Been stung on pre-orders for other games a couple of times and don't trust them to deliver on time.
  6. Got it from Sainsburys last year when I done my regular weekly food shop and will probably end up doing the same again this year.
  7. ^^^ that's what I did to get MW3! Seemed a bit surreal shopping at ten to midnight and then buying a video game, lol
  8. I've pre-ordered it at BlockBuster for now, as I have my £15 from the trade of Fifa 12 on my account. Hopefully they'll come down from their £44.99 price up of it though.
  9. I have credit for GAME and HMV.

    If it is <£35 in game, I'm there so I can burn that up (cost will be below £25)!
    HMV I think I have about £20 but that cost me more...but if it is £29 then it works the same as GAME haha!

    Still going to keep an eye on supermarkets though. Getting low on cider too!
  10. No updates yet. HUKD will go mad when something comes up (The Hut one was posted 12 times in 5 minutes).
  11. I've now got £15 in Game so I'll be seeing who's better out of them and BlockBuster, but I may just cancel my pre-order with BB and go get The Hunger Games on Blu Ray with my credit. Decisions :lol:
  12. is the 36 pound UE at sainsbury's still on?
  13. You could always sell me your Game credit for a tenner ;)

    And nope, it's over now. Was only on for a short period.

  14. I'll be buying with my nectar points :) so me get the game for free wohahaha!
  15. Nothing new to report here. Some rumours that TheHut may re-run the boxers promo which could be worthwhile.

    It looks like the instore offers will be the best options at this stage.
  16. Could do with a supemarrket running a decent offer....not much out there at the moment
  17. They've started with Avengers Assemble. Tesco have the "Spend £30, get it for £8" so I'm confident!
  18. Pitty dishonoured aint out earlier
  19. Is that for the Blu?
  20. DVD. Blu is probably £15.

    Or it's a straight £9 for DVD in Sains.

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