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FIFA 15 League - Cup Arrangement Season 2

Discussion in 'FIFA 15 League - ***Finished***' started by Eaglewolfenstein, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. Round one is now up and got to be played by Sunday.

    It is one game and if you draw then you have to play until someone wins. Let us know both scores though if you do go to a second game.
  2. Hello,
    I have millwall in mine (wardy07lufc)
    When you free dude? Tonight?

    If not try Tuesday or Thursday?
  3. Cup game

    Cardiff 3
    maynard x2

    Charlton 2

    Great game proper cup match. I won because i got two quick counters but yapp had most of the game
  4. @ashleyk84 I have you in cup i think, derby v forest. When can you play?
  5. @Eaglewolfenstein ... You put millwall to play twice?

    Also is the first round just championship teams
  6. Sorry just changed it.

    Yes it is only Championship teams.
  7. @Pele XI

    Hi buddy, believe we have been drawn in the cup, when's good for you mate. I'm free most evenings and weekends
  8. Hey @Wardy07lufc when u free 2 play our cup game cheers.
  9. Hiya fella! Sorry just getting used to the new tapatalk layout all I see is America Football posts haha! Least I've found the Fifa page now.

    Can play anytime this week. Evenings are best for between 7pm and 10.30pm

    If you want to play tonight can do 9.30pm if that's good with you fella?
    Cheers Pele (zerocool--1)
  10. Yeah ok mate, its just the one game so sure can squeeze it in. See you at half 9. What was your PSN?
  11. Zerocool--1
  12. Think I've added you mate, drop us a message when your online and ready. Not to late tho as Im on early 2moro so any later than 9.30 il prob be zzzzzzzzz
  13. @olzzy999
    cup game
    I am home tonight at 8:30 uk time for about an hour
    tomorrow night 9-10:30
  14. tomorrow night will probably be best mate.
  15. @T_18_M let me know when your available to play our cup game.
  16. I'm free all day Sunday so whenever is a good time for you is fine with me.
  17. I'm confused...... I messaged @ashleyk84??
  18. Haha! I'm sorry! I don't know why I responded to you! Long day sorry!
  19. Hahaha well least someone is replying!!!!
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