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FIFA 18 League Signup

Discussion in 'FIFA 18 PS4 ******Completed*******' started by RobbieBrewis, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. I'm in.

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  2. Good to see you back! The 2nd spot would have been filled by someone else
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  3. I'm in
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  4. oh cheers fifa mod!
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  5. Not going to be able to comit this year so I’m out sorry
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  6. Hi im new here ive just registered i would like to join, how does this all work. Sorry i cant find any info. Cheers pete. My psn is: Ncity13.
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  7. Welcome to the league mate how did you here about us?
  8. Hi on google l seen you advertising it on fifa forums
  9. Welcome to VGForums and also the VGFIFA League. We have an in house made FIFA league engine, once signed up and allocated a team you can input your scores, Goal scorers, Assists, Injuries and red cards. The engine automatically creates the league table with this data and will also let you know how long players will be out for if they receive injuries, Red cards will also mean a player will miss a game. Also with this you will need to take screen shots of the end of game stats which we will let you know what we require nearer the time of league starting, we will get you to send us those screenshots via PS chat to the 3 FIFA admins, Myself, @RobbieBrewis and @brunty and also your opponent for that week. That way we can check to make sure the correct players played and banned ones were not sneaked in lol.

    Here is a couple of screen shots of the engine on mobile device that was posted up on our twitter page that we created not long ago.

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  10. i would like to join psn name Jude-638
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  11. No problem your name has been added
  12. Yeah I'll get in on that

    Jackussbaby psn jackussbaby
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  13. Cool, you've been added to the list
  14. Welcome to VGF @Jackussbaby and welcome to the up coming FIFA18 league
  15. Hi dude, hit me up when the game is released, I will be getting it when the physical copy comes out no early download for me.........I'm tight
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  16. Will do, got the Ronaldo digital edition coming 3 days early. Il drop you a friend request on PSN later.
  17. Hi all! Brunty spoke to me and said it was ok for me to join up this season. Look forward to joining back in and playing with everyone

    PeleXI PSN GaziXI

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  18. Got icon edition so happy days, when the news coming out regarding first season ?
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