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FIFA 18 League Signup

Discussion in 'FIFA 18 PS4 ******Completed*******' started by RobbieBrewis, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. We are currently discussing everything and all will be posted up as soon as we got it sorted.
  2. In
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  3. When’s the news out about new season?
  4. Will be posting in the next day and looking to start in a couple of weeks once we filled a couple of spaces.
  5. Nice one fella
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  6. How many more spaces do you need to fill?
  7. If @RobbieBrewis mate signs up then we will have the 20 we wanted to start the league.
  8. 20. Andrew Easton - PSN: GiantGamer95
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  9. Count me in, I can be the new whipping boy. If you already have enough then maybe I can squeeze in through some cup games etc or if anyone drops out?
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  10. I'll put your name on the list mate, it will be one game a week you able to do That?
  11. Yeah one game a week would be no prob. I’ll look throughout the rules once they’re up. I can do most evenings and weekends, only time I might struggle is when I’m on call but should still be fine.
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  12. Brunty mentioned there’s a spot left. I’m in scott (satf01) PSN: Satf01

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  13. Thomas - PSN: stephen154
    I pick Stoke city
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  14. im in Aprior PSN: Aprior12
  15. Nice one Aprior, have a look at the rules page, it’s fairly light.
    One of the mods is sending you the info now.
  16. Any chance to join?
  17. The League is full at the moment but we will put your name on the waiting list and let you know when a space becomes available.
  18. Hi guys, may I be put on the waiting list as well please? This sounds crazy fun. :)
  19. I've sent you a pm mate
  20. Thanks. Sorry I didn't reply yesterday, was in college and out during the evening.

    Off topic, but it's so irritating that VGF is blocked at my college! Tried checking the forums during my free period and it's blocked for games. Might have a word with the IT guys see if they can lift it.

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