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First Impressions - PS4

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by Wicksy, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. Give us your first impressions once you got it
  2. I'm sorry I don't do impressions and I'm shit at karaoke as well ;)
  3. Am interested to here what the lags like on cod lol.

    Held off on getting one tho wish I would have not could have made a nice _100quid on the bay after fees etc.

    Then picked it up in new year for a 100 less lol
  4. i do a good elvis:)

    How has no I e replied in here yet? Surely you all took the day off to play with your new toy?
  5. Spent the afternoon pulling all the av stuff out and cleaning etc to make room. Solid bit of kit and a good deal heavier than the last incarnation of the ps3, nearly weight of a phat. Just updating but switched on first time, no pulsing lights. So far so good for me.
  6. Network problems. Bah.
  7. Ditto, you could eat your dinner off my TV cabinet.
  8. Got one had to end up with kill zone pack with two pads and camera!

    EBay here I come tho was watching one today sold for 595 with 19.99 postage so that's a nice profit even after fees etc

    So ps4 time will have to wait for me. I say 8 weeks max
  9. Ok here is my impression of the PS4 over the weekend.

    What a great bit of kit. not had any problems with it yet apart from one crash on killzone MP(that was more to do with my KZ issue that ive posted on another thread) and had to hard reboot. its a lot quieter than my ps3 slim. the controller is great, feels 10x better than the DS3 and the L2 R2 triggers are much better. the UI is very smooth and much needed upgrade over the PS3 xmb.

    Party chat is so good, still forget when we back out of menus or switch games we can still talk, i found myself going quiet when loading games then chatting when i reach a party in the game :rotfl: . Me eagle and fallen was in a chat on Friday and fallen was on ghosts and me and eagle on fifa, it works smoothly a great feature. one quibble for me is not being able to turn volume up for party chat.

    played a few games so far and very impressed with the graphics and defo better than than i had imagined for the 2 x third party games i got,

    Killzone - looks quality and really clear. had some issues with SP and MP lagging/slow motion but looks and feels great. looking forward to getting some game time on this

    FIFA - is defo an upgrade for me. pitch, players and crowds looks fantastic. cant get used to the play style its so different from FIFA 13, players seem to get closed down a lot quicker than before and first touches can be really loose. more practice needed for me :cry: lol

    COD Ghosts - only played 1 hour so far as i was trying all my games. really good, loved the cracked mode, hectic as hell but by damn its my kind of mode. its like a faster version of kill confirmed, when the clock gets to 10 seconds before you get blown up its really good as your running around like a headless chicken looking for another kill to extend the timer another 30 secs.

    Resogun - well cant say much more about this than "EPIC" was a fantastic little freebie this is. Everyone needs to play this
  10. Three words, ITS FUCKING BRILLIANT.
  11. Good news as this will be the only thing I'll have to play until I get KZ at Xmas. :lol:
  12. Resogun is completely not my kind of game in any way shape or form, that said is like crack cocaine! Once you try it a couple of times your hooked and you just want more lol
  13. That's actually 4 words mate. You forgot the apostrophe. ;)
    I'll let you off this time as I completely agree with you.

    Saw you playing Assassins Creed last night. Thoughts??
  14. Only played the first hour or so but so far its very good and the graphics are awesome...oooooh the water effects!!

    Its my first AC game too.
  15. Nice one. I'm looking forward to trying this when I can drag myself away from FIFA.
  16. It is a brilliant piece of kit and now I have found the sharing function as well. Not sure I wanna broadcast myself !

    However I am missing some of the other functionality of the PS3. The PS3 was a bit more of a games console for me and acted as a Media Server / all encompassing storage device with home pics / home movies / song files / movie files / streaming device etc.

    Seems the PS4 can't play 3D blu-rays either. And where is YouTube - come on ! Not to mention minor niggles with not supporting Bluetooth headsets (which is what my TB PX5 uses). Hope there will be future updates for all of this.

    So yeah - in a way I miss the PS3 :cry:
    Good thing I've still got 2 PS3s in the house :lol:
  17. I know what you mean Nazz, I use the DLNA streaming on my PS3 for photos and vids. Also the iplayer apps are handy.

    Rather annoyed that the PS4 doesn't do this, fingers crossed for a firmware update that does.
  18. Just leave that until bomberman ps4 eh mate ;) :thumbsup:
  19. Aaah mate....you saying that reminded me of Lee (monkey). Last I heard she was getting married. Hope she is well and still gaming.
  20. I have or had her on facebook as a friend (never on the thing as don't get it really for daily task thing) she always enjoyed her xbox gaming from what I remember and the banter of the wiitalk chatroom was great butters ftw.

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