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Game.co. uk sent a not for resale game

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by -R6-, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. Right just a quick one guys, I brought infamous second son from game a month or so a go. Didn't take much notice when it came, but now noticed I've been sent a not for resale bundle copy from game. Now I know I won't be able to sell this on, not contacted game yet. But I was wondering were I stand with this, as I won't be able t sell it after and it's missed me off that a company have fobbed me off. Is there anything I could do, any right issues on this?
  2. I traded in my Killzone SF bundled copy at GAME as soon as I received the PS4, so I know they take them. If they take em, they gotta sell em I suppose.
  3. My Killzone SF from Grainger was a bundled copy.
    I was going to complain as it isn't right that they should sell bundled copies but then I thought "I can't be arsed" :)
  4. A good whine down the phone usually does the trick. They all hate complaints. In store in front of a big cue of people is even better. Be stubborn and get it changed.
  5. Yeah not had chance to contact them, but gonna have a moan. As i wont be even abled to ebay it.._
  6. Why can't you EBay it? You can add to the description that is says not for resale.
    That's what I did with my bundled Killzone SF.

    You can also sell to CEX. They definitely will accept. Seems like Game will accept it too seeing as they sold it to you.

    You could also sell it on here in the Classifieds or on AVF if you're signed up? Just make sure if selling on a forum you list it as a bundled copy.
  7. Been on the phone to game customer support and the women on the phone didnt have a clue what i was on about. Sent some pictures in to sony and game.
  8. Whilst not illegal (I believe), it's impractical.
  9. So my persistence worked.

    It went from no compensation and waiting ten days for it to be returned to their warehouse to a good will gesture of 5 quid on the giftcard and i can take it to my local store for a refund.


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