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Game Helpers

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by deanomcfee91, Nov 1, 2017.


Would you like this rule to be implemented next season?

Poll closed Nov 8, 2017.
  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. @VGFL Member

    After a discussion with a few players, I have decided to put this rule change up for a vote.

    All game helpers should be turned off and showed pre-game via stream (Ball Hawk, Heat Seeker, Switch Assist etc.)
    only players with a win percentage above 0.6 will have to have them off. This will be evaluated on a half season basis. This could potentially make the league more interesting.
    New players that join during the season will have to start with them off and after a few games a decision will be made as to whether they can have them on or not.
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  2. If you can handle this, because it will need more work than usual, yes I'm ok with it !
  3. Teams that would currently have to have them turned of are:
    • Patriots
    • Bills
    • Browns
    • Broncos
    • Giants
    • Falcons
    • 49ers
    • Cardinals
  4. It isn't really a problem the only time it would be an issue is if a team that is meant to have it off looks to have it on. The steam will then be checked if there isn't a stream or they don't show then there will be warnings, game bans/forced wins.
  5. It would be awesome.
  6. @Tom Tom lol your not part of the league buddy can you remove your vote please.
  7. Think this rule doesn't change much for me personally but think too many rules will turn people off the league
  8. Believe me, it does. Heat seem cause more big hits, and more interceptions. My 21 interceptions with the MLB could be 10-11 without the game helpers. It makes signifacant difference in the game experience.
  9. My guys can't catch a cold so won't make a difference personally haha
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  10. It's just what people are asking for hence the vote.
  11. There are enough rules that many in the league seem to struggle sticking to - bringing in another one that could be difficult to police seems a crazy idea. People who have them off are off doing exceptionally well in the league so i'd be inclined to say the other 24 (myself included) need all the help they can get.

    To those campaigning - stop moaning about something that obviously isn't having a general negative influence
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  12. I don't know why you think it's crazy tbh as this will give people that extra little bit of help. If you look at post 3 in this thread it shows the teams that will need to put them off yours is not there so I can't really see the point in this bit of your post.. (People who have them off are off doing exceptionally well in the league so i'd be inclined to say the other 24 (myself included) need all the help they can get.). I've voted yes for this as last season I come very close to quiting the league as I felt that what every I was doing I wasn't getting anywhere so was raging more than having fun. Also no one has been moaning about it more than one person has has just generally inquired on the idea hence the voting poll been put up and not just been made a rule.
  13. @brunty let me clarify. I was half asleep reading so i have misunderstood some info - apologies on that and i wont go into my reasons of my half asleep status. I thought it was just a move to have them turned off fully as a blanket approach

    In all honesty I think I can name 3/4 people instantly who raised and "ranted" probably on more than one occasion about it hence my comment however I won't publically name them

    Personally I have no idea if mine are on or not - i haven't tweaked any settings so guess they are on. I'll read the original post correctly now so I understand that if the rules comes in i will just need to keep my W/L ratio under 0.6 just in case
  14. I would suggest new players start with them ON unless they are known from other leagues. If that is altered I am happy to trial for a season.
  15. So only new players? When does a new player become a standard player - after 1 season? Describe known from other league - like just if you play in multiple leagues doesnt mean you're a strong player though. I do understand what you're suggesting to a point
  16. I support this idea.
  17. I would say 5 games. That could give you your 0.6 rating. I would say if a player is known from the SML or EML (not sure if we have anyone here in EAFL but maybe that too) and has played 5 games there and has a 0.6 rating there when they join then they should also start with them off.

    I just worry that forcing new players to CFM to play with them off will increase the attrition rate because they may find it too tough and too fussy to start. Let them ge acclimatised to the league if truly new to CFM and then judge after 5 games.
  18. Good shout. New players will have them on for 5 games.
  19. @VGFL Member Anyone else care to vote. 14 votes fellas pretty poor turn out TBF
  20. So rule coming in? Can someone provide me/us with screenshots of the actual settings we need to amend/confirm as off? How will it be policed?

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