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Game of Thrones

Discussion in 'Film,TV & Music' started by Roberto, May 16, 2011.

  1. If the wife catches me watching this in in trouble :?

    Also, where's Brian Blessed. Surely you can't have this kind of show without him?
  2. Funnily enough when I first read the books I always pictured Brian Blessed as Robert Baratheon.
  3. Get all the seasons free on skys ondemand service. For those with sky + HD boxes
  4. Season 4 starts on 07/04/14
    cant bloody wait fantastic series
  5. Yep can't wait
  6. Is GoT worth watching from the start? Never seen a single episode.
  7. Well I wouldn't pick it up during season 2 or 3 you won't know what the story is about :rolleyes:

    I tend to find if you watch the first few episodes of a tv show you will find yourself if you like it or not, got has been a mix for different people. I started watching it and was only going to watch a few episodes ended up hooked and watched it all over a few nights.
  8. You know what I meant, you tosser!!
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  9. Yes, Game of Thrones is definitely worth watching. It's fantastic.
  10. Yep, do it

  11. Yes

    One of the best series for a long while. Not into the fantasy elements myself its all the scheming I like, its a great show, easy to get into, lot of humour as well. Be prepared to go from hating to loving characters though (Tyrion FTW)

    S1-4 already gone with 5 just started. Available at a torrent site near you now
  12. 1st one this series was a bit slow but it's main job was to catch up with most of the main characters so it did it's job. Onwards and upwards!
  13. As with almost any film/show that's been adapted from a novel/novels, I'd recommend reading the books first, but I'd particularly do so with A Song of Ice and Fire (the series of books that the show is based on).

    I don't know about anyone else, but when watching a film/show before reading the book I find it hard to shake the visuals of said show/film from my head and it ruins my enjoyment of reading the book and the world that would have been created in my mind by the authors words. If you're the same, it would be a travesty to not get the full enjoyment from these amazing novels by not reading them before watching the show, especially as the show has now passed the point the books have reached and will be completely different than wherever George R R Martin decides to take the story.

    Edit: Now waiting for prison to call me a fucking nerd.
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  14. You are not a nerd mate, I just don't ever seem to have the time to read books, perhaps I should start with the ones you suggest.

    £45 on Amazon for all the volumes. I may buy the 1st for about £6 to see if it floats my boat.
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  15. I think reading the books would ruin it for me, I might do it after the tv series has finished. I like not knowing what to expect and episodes like the red wedding are such a massive event and so shocking. It's a big part of the attraction of the program for me.
  16. I just picked up the first book A Song of Fire and Ice from Tesco for £3.85, will try to make the effort to read it.
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  17. Anybody been keeping up with this from here? Season 7 was very good, if a little predictable writing-wise. Apparently Season 8 won't be airing until 2019 but the episodes will be 90 minutes long each.
  18. Yeah, still watching. TV now gone beyond the books and it shows. Still, it had to as the old bugger won't finish them!
  19. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that George R. R. Martin has given someone a list of essential plot lines in case he dies before he finishes it. Bloody snail-pace writers!

    I haven't actually read the books but you can tell that Season 7 went completely freeform and didn't follow them from the writing unfortunately...too many predictable moments/ minor plot holes.

    Just how did Gendry who has never even seen snow before the White Walker mission manage to get all the way back to Eastwatch? How did Daenerys get there in time? Just a lot of cheap plot-shortcuts.

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