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Games you used to love....

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by Bartell, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Hi

    I was thinking back to some games I used to play growing up. There are so many I guess but I wondered if you could share yours too!

    I'll start us off with one.....

    SpyHunter (played on ZX Spectrum)


    Here is a video of Spy Hunter in action

    So share your games you loved to play from years gone by!
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  2. Crikey, so many from so many different consoles.

    First that comes to mind from the spectrum though is this beast:

    Loved this and it spawned an awesome series
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  3. Jet Set Willy, Jetpac, Horace Goes Skiing, Flight Simulator, The Hobbit, Harrier Attack, Cookie to name but a few on the Spectrum.
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  4. As milky mentioned to many games to choose from.

    Amiga - Swiv nice little co-op shooter:

    Mega Drive - streets of rage 2

    Snes - donkey Kong country

    N64 - Goldeneye

    Gamecube - luigi mansion

    Wii - super Mario galaxy

    PlayStation 3 - infamous

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  5. I knew you'd have a long list @Riddler_Tam lol

    There is some great titles there - Goldeneye is tremendous! I wanted to name so many when I posted the first one off but didnt want to put others off posting lol
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  6. Mate your lucky I chose one of each console could have done a top 5 or 10 ;)

    I've played thousands of games over generations of consoles they all have a special place in my heart.. Yes @MilkyMalky even the conduit on the wii.. That pushed me to get a ps3 :rofl:
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  7. Yeah, believe me I could have gone mad and listed sooooo many. Will have a think of some more obscure favourites, and post them later.
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  8. It was hard holding back posting a 100 list lol
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  9. Whenever someone mentions old, retro games i always think back to one game first. The one that melted my Speccy's rubber keys and got it speaking Chinese (twice).

    Daley Thompson's Decathlon.

    I could list a dozen other Speccy games with the rose tinteds on but that one always top of the list!
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  10. Favourite game of all time.​
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  11. absolutely loved this game! did a play through on an emulator a few years ago
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  12. PS1
    Final Fantasy 7
    Metal Gear Solid

    GTA San Andreas
    Smackdown 2 Shut your mouth

    Zelda Ocarina of time (Arguably the best)
    Mario Kart 64

    Mega Drive
    Sonic 2
    Streets of Rage 2
    Golden axe

    Bomberman (hilarious on a multi tap)
    Mario Kart
    Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
    Xbox 360
    Rainbow Six Vegas

    Golden Sun
    Any pokemon game LOL

    Amongst many many many other's lol these were the first that came to mind that hadn't been mentioned.
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  13. Never played the original but I am a big fan of the sequel and third game future perfect, these titles are ones that are close to taking the fps top spot from goldeneye which is my overall personal favourite. they all have a well polished single player experience that would still stand against titles released today.
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  14. Totally agree I actually mention to put timesplitters 2 lol Easily one of the best FPS around. I was still playing it when I got my 360
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  15. Lethal Enforcers on the SNES


    Snowboard Kids on the N64, Had some great laughs with my mates on this.

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  16. Lethal Enforcers looks like a cheesy 80s movie been ported to a game (I've only watched some parts as I'm supposed to be working lol) however at the time I didn't think that - funny how our perceptions change!
  17. Snowboard kids was the nuts lol
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  18. I just checked this on wikipedia as I recall someone playing it on gamemasters and it was a rental with guns at my local video store :rofl:

    This title along with night trap, doom and mortal kombat caused the 90's video game violence controversy, as you say funny how perceptions changes none of these can touch dying light or gta V in this generation of gaming.

    Case in point of gta V with VR support:

  19. Where did it all go wrong Gav?

    Now all you're interested in is generic shooter, FIFA, driving games... :p
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