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Games you used to love....

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by Bartell, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Sabrewulf - first game I ever completed

    Quazatron - speccy version of Paradroid

    Head over Heals
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  2. upload_2016-2-29_12-26-24.png

    Alex the Kidd on the master system was one of the first games I ever played.

    But in terms of what I loved then these two ( as Goldeneye was already taken)

    Streets of rage - Mega Drive

    and this bad boy on the N64.

  3. This was my wrestling game of choice on the N64

    Backstage fighting, create a wrestler and really enjoyed the mp.
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  4. No mercy and wrestle mania were the best wrestling games made. I might get my N64 out just to play
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  5. In terms on wrestling games i used tae love these 2


  6. Found a couple more games I enjoyed

    Cool spot from Virgin interactive:

    Global gladiators from the same development team:

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  7. Coolspot was wicked! Sure I clocked it eventually lool
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