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Gaming ID and Social Media

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by VGF Admin Team, Jan 25, 2016.

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    Looking to get an updated list of psn id's, gamertags, youtube accounts etc please post in the thread your account names so it can be added to play online.
  2. PSN ID - Riddler_Tam
    Youtube account - RiddlerTam
  3. PSN-MattyE88
  4. PSN ID - Realale44
    Twitter - @RealaleCobbler
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  5. PSN - Spartapt
    Steam - Spartapt
    Twitch - Spartapt
  6. PSN - fernandos24
    Twitter - @kffernandes24
    YouTube - Fernandos 24
    Twitch - Fernandos24
  7. Psn Maverick177uk
    Twitch and you tube Grumpyoldgameruk
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  8. Psn hutchydarts
    Twitter hutchydarts
    Youtube boab hutchison
  9. Are we ok to add people to our friends on psn?
  10. Feel free to add me, I'm not fussy!
  11. No problem adding from the list, I would hope anyone posting here would be happy with that otherwise what would be the point :rofl:
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  12. Fine by me.
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  13. PSN: brunty135
    Youtube: jbscfc 1863
    Twitch: brunty135
    Twitter: @Ginger_Ninja8
    Steam: jamiescfc1863
  14. @brunty


    hahahahaha I just joke
  15. Look at my signature...
  16. Lazy bastard!
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  17. PSN - WolfCarnage77
    Twitter - @codenamecanary
    NNID - Wolfcarnage
  18. PSN - hotspur77
  19. PSN: Xipie
    Twitch: EiPiX
    Youtube: ACMS1980

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