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Good strategy games

Discussion in 'General Game / Hardware Discussion' started by Lordofgames, May 24, 2016.

  1. I got tropico 5 as free and im enjoying it but finding it hard. I used to play sim city when young and theme park and rollercoaster tycoon but they way old, age of empires also. Had shot of anno a while back and company of heroes, never played the total war games apart from demo of first one yonks ago also.

    Is tropico the best about and what others like it you recoomend? Ive never played starcraft its similar to command and conquer? worth getting also?
  2. Tropico 5 feels like a hard slog early on. But once you nail the dynamics of the game it's a great title with plenty of depth. Me and the missus have played it a lot.

    I'm not aware of any other similar games tbf, but that could just be my lack of knowledge in the area. For me Tropico 5 is a solid title worth investing in if you like the genre.
  3. You have pc right? Banished is good and can get it cheap. It's got a steep learning curve though

    There's a ton about but most are pc games. And you obviously can't go wrong with Command & Conquer or Age of Empires. Anno is also supposed to be good
  4. If we're talking PC, then Civ 6 is coming out later this year (October / November)

    See here for more info:

  5. i cant get past first era i even dropped it to easy and read tips on net...i just cant get 50% likes in time frame...

    Not sure what im doing wrong, everyone is houses, 0-low unemployment, making decent income, 125+ population, 2 churches an opera house plenty grocery and taverns for the houses, houses near jobs etc...just cant get it though
  6. Are you using the Almanac? Not only does this tell you the citizen happiness, but also how you are viewed by the various factions on the island.
  7. I think you've built a Tropico that is taking life lessons from you, give up with games, tv shows and movies after 10-30 minutes instead of giving time for them to flourish :p
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  8. yeh im checking menus....i can get happiness for food, housing 50+, religion/entertainemnt 30+

    Getting some supportors also but not enough i guess...
  9. What games are like this these days?

    Start empty map and have to build bases and troops etc...starcraft 2 is like this and newest best out there?

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