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Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by frostrich, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. I know mate more headsets than fingers probably.
  2. What's everyone using on their PS4's at the moment then?
  3. Think most are using the Sony wireless ones now Ale. They are so cheap now there's little reason not to. A few of us on full Astro setups or Mixamps and HiFi headphones.
  4. I still haven't tried the Sony's yet. Must pop them on for a bit and see how the 7.1 sounds.
  5. Got the pulse elite. Seem ok
  6. Turtle Beach X07 no leads connected to the Xbox One or PS4 just the controllers, great sound and at the price you can't go wrong.
  7. Anyone have the astro a50's?

    Just got mine today but was supposed to come with mix amp pro...is that built in or a separate device? It came with txd mix amp so confused
  8. Yeah I have them. Did you get first or second gen ones out of interest?

    Anyway first off update firmware as a lot of people don't.

    So the mix amp is essentially wireless. You've got part in the receiver itself the mix section is on the right ear cup - you have a volume at the bottom back corner then the flat ear panel is the mix section. Press towards front for more mix towards the game sound and press back end for chat balance increase. When it's in the middle you get a single beep. Once you reach the maximum for chat or game there's always a double beep. Apart from that not much to tell. Small button on right ear cup to change for general sounds, movie and pro game mode. On PS4 once connected via optical remember to change sound settings in PS4 as per manual to get best output.
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  9. Can get game/chat audio but I cannot get the mic working for me despite updating the firmware

    Supposedly once you turn on it registers on the ps4 and asks who is using. Then it allows you to change the settings. I can change to optical etc but when I go to devices I cant change anything
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  11. Ah Sorry! Yeah I have both. I leave the USB in PS4 and keep that in rest mode. I have an optical cable switcher to change between the two consoles. When PS4 is in use the USB cable can be used to provide "USB" chat too although if you prefer you can still use cable to controller.

    How are you finding the headset

  12. Not tested the voice part yet obvo, however the sound is phenomenal. I was skeptical on the whole 7.1 thing but not now. I was hearing stuff in hardline that you don't usually hear. Was amazed
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  13. Its brilliant - best money I've spent on headset and I've had a lot of them! I just leave the sound in the "pro" mode but its top quality. I love it for watching movies etc through the consoles
  14. Think so Sway

    I bought a Sony headset the other week for watching movies when kids in bed, going back as there's an awful hiss on them. Waiting for a cable to cone today and hopefully I'll be able to use the aux port on the astros to plug into my onkyo and it will work
  15. @Bartell do you know if you can hook the headphones up so you get sound though them plus TV/amp and chat through headphones? Sticking it on digital means I have to change settings each time

    So if I want to play and use headphones fine but when kids are playing they need TV sound
  16. My setup gives sound out of TV and headset - when I'm using the headset I just turn TV sound down. In your case you would just turn the tv/amp to get the required level and on the Astro A50 just use the mix amp to slide all the way to chat only so you can't hear game noise. I hope I've read your question correctly
  17. I'm guessing the bundle phones are still cack... so what's the best bang for your buck headset right now? Had a quick look around and my head hurts...
  18. Think there's some great deals about on Astro A40s Clumsy. A50s too if wireless is important.

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