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Hello !!!

Discussion in 'Introduction/Welcome' started by Cpt Blackadder1/BB, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. Cpt Blackadder1 ( xbox ) and Beserker-Boy (PSN) here.

    Nice to be here. Little bit about me is that i am a game reviewer for a couple of other web sites, and i own and play on my PS4 and Xb1. I also still have my PS3 and Xbox360 hooked up along with mt PS2 and Vita as well!!!

    As a reviewer i have access to pretty much every game, but my game preferences are hack and slash, 3rd person adventures, and driving games.

    Currently play a lot of Uncharted 4, The Last of Us MP, and Rocket league on my PS4
    Plants V Zombies and Forza Horizon and Forza 6 on the Xbox.

    About to post up about 4k gaming so im all ears to anything you can help with on that.
  2. Welcome to the forum mate
  3. Ditto, welcome along.

    We have a big PS4 core group but also have a few Nintendo fanboys too..........myself included.

    Mingle and have fun.
  4. Fancy seeing you here Pete!

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  5. LOLOL hello MATE!! :) haha! You should have told me you already knew this place :) Nice to know i know someone around here anyway :)
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