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Discussion in 'VGFL - Sim Madden League' started by deanomcfee91, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. I meant to do this on Saturday however, and I hate to do this, the beating I took from @dwevans meant the PS4 got slammed off at the end. In all fairness I wouldnt include owt from my side in highlights. Chiefs had some great plays (I did assist with some f-ing terrible defensive play! haha
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  2. lol i also do this... it would be helpful though.
  3. Well we can hope for two things

    1 @dwevans has highlight list
    2 you get to slam your PS4 off after a defeat in week 16 :LOL:
  4. Lol. @dwevans has only now seen the video so sorry! Will do in future though.

    I see the example video you sent had some clips of training! Are you going to explain the current NFL trend of players training whilst high on heroin in your next video?! I can't think of another sim reason for Madden's slo motion fuck up.
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  5. @VGFL Member

    Let me know what you think about the new format. Also week 11 will be better because ill be adding a few more things into it. the videos are longer but dont take me half as long to create.
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  6. Having to suffer those f-ing punt returns is not the type of highlights I enjoy! Not only did you ruin my Saturday @dwevans but it seems as tho the flashbacks haunted me and ruined Monday evening! Lol
  7. Your voice is deffo different in the vids to on chat. You may have a voice like I do when I try to record. I turn American where yours I'm trying to still pinpoint.

    Always happy to do one with you. Can always try something tonight as mrs is out until 8 so got some few hours before hand.

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  8. @VGFL Member

    Cheers to the guys that sent me the list of highlights from their games but unfortunately i didn't get enough to make a interesting video. Sadly i am unable to continue doing the highlight videos. I have tried juggling somethings around but have found i just don't have enough time fitting it in with work and family commitments. Also i start a fairly hectic training regime around this time of year ready for a summer of events i take part in.
  9. Feel free to use this space to add your own highlights.
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  10. Thanks,Dean. Highlights you made really add something special to the VGFL. Hope to see some post-season or play off reels if you'll be up to it later. @dean
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  11. @VGFL Member

    its a good day guys. one of the vgfl members has decided to help me with the highlights so all been well week 12 will be with you hopefully within the next few days
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  12. Just a short one guys showing some TD's from around the league
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  14. If the ball was thrown backwards it's a fumble
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  15. ah so it is.
  16. Unfortunately it only happens on screens. The ball gets "thrown" backwards on QB preesures all the time and the CPU never recognizes it as a fumble.
  17. @VGFL Member

    Check out my new YT Channel.
    Catch all the action from the Atlanta camp right up until the end of the season. leave feedback guys it would be much appreciated as i'm trying to get my channel up a running.

    sorry about the poor commentary, i expect it to get better the longer i do it.
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  18. @VGFL Member
    Week 14 was a good game against me and @Bartell

    They will be no more crappy 360p footage anymore ive just picked up a new hd capture card.
    Make sure to like and Subscribe guys.
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