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Horizon Zero Dawn

Discussion in 'Role Playing Games' started by Riddler_Tam, Jun 16, 2016.

By Riddler_Tam on Jun 16, 2016 at 5:09 PM

  1. PlayStation’s E3 Press Conference, Guerrilla Games was excited to share more gameplay from Horizon Zero Dawn. In this demo, we follow Aloy as she journeys beyond the walls of her village to defeat a ‘demon’ which is terrorising locals and breeding fear throughout the valley. Aloy will have to use every ounce of her knowledge, intelligence and agility to survive this encounter.

    If you missed the show, don’t worry, we’ve included the segment again below:

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Discussion in 'Role Playing Games' started by Riddler_Tam, Jun 16, 2016.

    1. Been away for 2 weeks so I'm about 30 hours behind everyone will update when i clock it lol
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    2. Anyone got any tips for the hunting grounds? Getting my ass whooped on the one with the glinthawks
    3. Which level are you and what weapons are you using shadow, standard etc

      Ropecaster works a treat to tie them down either to sit on the spot or make them immobile altogether.

      I did only the hunting trials I had to in order to access the lodge, the rest I left until after I was levelled fully and finished the final mission

      Practice and getting a strategy is the best advice and using the correct equipment to your advantage
    4. Level 25 atm
      Shadow ropecaster and hunterbow
      Carja everything else.
      Looting the watchers was fine, just struggling a bit on tramplers and the others. Tramplers get up too quick lol. Keep getting one and the rest explode before I can tie them down again
    5. For that I would recommend either a shadow sharpshot bow or tearblaster charge

      First one can be bought it has tearblast arrows specifically to take off parts only, the other is like a shotgun same job as tearblast arrows but heavier and eider range up close it is unlocked with a mission or errand though.

      I retried the challenge just now and did it in 52 seconds with the tearblaster charge
    6. Yup ropecaster for glinthawks trial. Tie them down with 2 ropes, get close and critical hit should finish them off

      Tramplers - tie down, freeze, then hit the canister in their gut with a fire arrow. Boom
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    7. Nice one, I've got the tearblast arrows now I'll give it another go tonight, started doing the hunting lodge after you mentioned it, just need to get 2 ravager trophies now.
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    8. They can help to pick apart even the biggest machine, tore down some until all they can do is melee you makes them pretty weak.

      Be sure to finish the lodge as it goes part of the mission towards the ally trophy if you go for the platinum
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    10. As of today, you can download patch 1.30 which includes additional fixes to progression issues which some of you may have encountered. However, it also includes the highly anticipated New Game+ option.

      With New Game+ you will be able to relive the adventures of Aloy without losing your character progression and your collected inventory. You won’t be able to progress beyond the level cap of 50, but you can still collect XP during your adventure.

      We have also added updated versions of existing weapons and outfits with an extra modification slot at their disposal. These will not come cheap and will set you back some extra shards.

      Before embarking on a new quest you can manually adjust the difficulty level to your liking. For players who seek an extra challenge, we are also introducing an ‘Ultra Hard’ difficulty.

      This new setting will enhance machine senses and behavior and other additional smaller tweaks. Players who decide to embark on the Ultra Hard path will not have the option to switch it to a less difficult setting when choosing New Game+. People choosing to play normal game will still have the ability to change back to an easier difficulty.

      New Game+ also comes with 2 new Trophies and extra unlockables like the ability to add facepaint or change Aloy’s Focus.
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    11. I did the last of the hunting trials last night, I was struggling with the glinthawk one until I saw a video where you can get 3 critical hits from one tied-down Glinthawk and I wasn't waiting for the critical hit prompt. Ended up being really easy.

      I'm about level 47 or 48 now, I'm going to concentrate on the main missions to get the power cells (one left to get) then I'll finish all the other missions. I've done all bandit camps and corrupted zones, I have one cauldron left and I've got all the collectables.

      I'm really enjoying HZD so I've pre-ordered the DLC.
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    12. Frozen Wilds is an expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn that takes place in the Cut, a boreal wasteland to the north that separates the Banuk homelands from the rest of the world.

      It is a place where all but the most skilled hunters dare venture, and those that do must survive against dangerous new machines and freezing temperatures.

      The latest trailer for The Frozen Wilds highlights some of the environments you will explore in this expansion to the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, including Banuk camps, frozen lakes, icy caves and more. Check it out below.

      The Frozen Wilds will be available on PlayStation Store on 7th November, but you can pre-order your copy today to receive an exclusive PS4 avatar.

      Source playstation blog
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    13. Isn't there supposed to be 2 DLC's for this or am I dreaming it?
    14. Have only seen one and since the complete edition is coming out I can't see anymore being released, there was pre-order bonuses I think with the digital version but other than that nothing else.
    15. I can't decide whether to hold off getting the platinum so that I can do the DLC as part of my current playthrough, rather than doing it as part of NG+. Although on PST.org it sounds like it might be totally separate to the main game.

      I've got the final main mission on my quest list so now I'm clearing up any remaining side missions. I've also been thinking about saving HZD for my 100th platinum, but I don't think I can wait until I do another 7 plats.

      It might work as plat #93 as Killzone 3 was plat #3, KZ2 #33 and KZ:SF #36 so there's a bit of a '3' theme going on.

      #3 KZ3
      #33 KZ2
      #34 KZ
      #36 KZ:SF
      #78 KZ: Merc (spoilt the 3 thing)

      Maybe it doesn't matter what number it is... or does it?
    16. As a milestone 100th platinum, horizon would be good being a sony exclusive, the rule of 3 ruined by killzone merc should be left as a killzone theme.. Just my opinion :rolleyes:
    17. Haha I don’t know whether that helps or not :p
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    18. Like most of my ramblings... Probably not :rolleyes:
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    19. Patch has been released, along with fixes it also has the support added for the dlc due out in a few weeks.

      Patch 1.40 Summary:

      • Support for ‘The Frozen Wilds’ expansion has been added.
      • The patch contains general animation fixes.
      • Fixed an issue where outfit resistance was not calculated correctly for some players when they added slotting mods to the outfits.
      • Fixed an issue where some players would experience an unintended longer jump during light melee attacks.
      • Fixed an issue where certain players experienced Aloy to remain stuck in a pose and fly through the air after getting knocked off from a Tallneck.
      • Fixed an issue where some players experience the Nora NPC’s not helping Aloy to fight off the enemy during the “Clear the Camps” objective.
      • Fixed an issue where some players experienced that the blaze canister explosions did not make any sound.
      General Fixes:

      • Fixed an issue where some players would experience the robot not investigating a triggered alarm mine.
      • Fixed an issue where some players could let Aloy traverse far outside the map when heading East from the campfire, while heading towards the objective “Go to the Ruins of GAIA Prime”.
      • Fixed an issue where some players would experience Longlegs failing to respawn to the site, after Aloy cleared the Longleg encounters around Cut-Cliffs on her way to ‘Meridian’.
      • Fixed an issue where some players would experience outfits nog being calculated correctly after slotting two or more mods.
      • Fixed an issue for the controls where some players could let Aloy to become fixed to a plane and be able to move horizontally across the map.
      • Fixed an issue for some players for the interactions of the NPC’s that are not in combat.
      Progression Issues Fixes:

      • Fixed a progression issue in “A seeker at the Gates” where some players experienced the ‘Carja Fort Gate’ wouldn’t open after fast-travelling.
      • Fixed an issue in ‘Lessons of the wild’ where some players would experience the Watcher staying in an alert state after skipping the quest sequence, which would cause the objective to remain as “Wait for the Watcher to Pass”.
      • Fixed an issue in ‘The Mountain That Fell’ where some players would experience Aloy getting stuck between the gaps near the boulder next to a campfire.
      Crash fixes:

      • Fixed an issue in “To Curse the Darkness” where some players would experience a crash while trying to climb ‘Faro Tech’.
      Miscellaneous fixes:

      • Minor text fixes.
      • Minor animation fixes.

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