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Horizon Zero Dawn

Discussion in 'Role Playing Games' started by Riddler_Tam, Jun 16, 2016.

By Riddler_Tam on Jun 16, 2016 at 5:09 PM

  1. PlayStation’s E3 Press Conference, Guerrilla Games was excited to share more gameplay from Horizon Zero Dawn. In this demo, we follow Aloy as she journeys beyond the walls of her village to defeat a ‘demon’ which is terrorising locals and breeding fear throughout the valley. Aloy will have to use every ounce of her knowledge, intelligence and agility to survive this encounter.

    If you missed the show, don’t worry, we’ve included the segment again below:

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Discussion in 'Role Playing Games' started by Riddler_Tam, Jun 16, 2016.

    1. DLC preordered
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    2. Got mine preordered a few weeks back can't wait :cool:
    3. New trailer


    4. Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds is an expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn that adds an additional chapter to Aloy’s journey. Taking place in the icy wastelands to the north, it includes a brand new environment to explore, a new mystery to uncover, and dangerous new machines to hunt. Among the latter is the wolflike ‘Scorcher’, a fast and tenacious machine with a damage output close to that of the Thunderjaw.

      We asked four members of the Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds development team – Principal Designer Dennis Zopfi, Lead Animator Richard Oud, Lead FX Artist Marijn Giesbertz and Audio Lead Bastian Seelbach – to provide details on the creation of the Scorcher, as well as tips and tactics for dealing with the machine and its ferocious attacks. Check out the video below for their insights:

      It can take months to develop a single machine from concept to final in-game creature. The process usually begins with a concept art and ideation phase, where the developers figure out the most important questions: What does this machine look like? Why does it look the way it does, what is its personality and purpose? How does it move, and how does it behave when angry or alerted?

      A number of Guerrilla artists have engineering backgrounds, which means they don’t stop at just the look or feel of the machines. They work out how their designs could interact with the laws of physics, and how locomotion is determined or constrained by limbs and appendages. Their efforts, combined with many other disciplines like animation, AI, and Visual FX, ultimately make it possible for a machine like the Scorcher to leap off the concept board and into the Cut, to challenge Aloy on her adventures.


      Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds launches on 7th November, but you can pre-order a copy from PlayStation Store today to receive an exclusive PlayStation 4 avatar.

      Source playstation blog
    5. I notice that the trophies for the DLC have been split into separate sections of quests and feats.
    6. Just had a look over them, doesn't seem to bad, some story related, x amount of kills etc like the main game, looking forward to playing it.
    7. For those that ordered the DLC it is available to pre-download now for release on Tuesday.
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    8. Started aloy journey into the frozen wilds, this game really is great to explore and look at the draw distance on mountain tops is excellent.

      Just made my way up a shamans path in the mountains and found two of the new machines harder and more bad ass than the standard machines due to a sickness that takes hold of them in the area.

      Will finish this and then decide a mop up or move on to something else.
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    9. Aloy's journey into the frozen wilds has come to an end, i enjoyed it nice bit of dlc.

      Won't be deleting the game as I'll go back and clear the side quests etc inbetween other titles.
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