How to use Upload Studio on Xbox One

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Upload Studio can be accessed via the voice command system of the Xbox Kinect, allowing players to say "Xbox, Record That" to grab a clip from the game you are playing. If you are not using a Kinect, simply go into Game DVR via the Games and Apps page. Once the clip has been recorded, you can bring up the Snap window, which functions as an all-in-one pin board and feed for the Xbox One.

While here, select or use the voice commands to access the Game DVR. From here, you will have a full range of options to choose from, such as ending current clips, beginning a new clip altogether, or accessing your library of clips that you have put together on your Xbox One. While the first two choices are fairly straight-forward, as ending a clip will stop it and starting a new clip will create a fresh video, the third option proves to be bolsterous.

When you have gone into your library of video clips, select one that you have taken. By clicking onto the clip, you will be given choices such as Save, which saves the clip; Edit, which allows you to chop off the bits and pieces you're not fond of; Play This Game, which will spring you immediately into the game you see; Delete, which gets rid of the clip; Help, to bring up a troubleshooting menu; and Switch User, which allows you to sign out and back in as someone else.

By selecting Edit, you will be taken to the Upload Studio. If you have not used Upload Studio yet, you will be prompted to download this app. It is free of charge and readily available.

The options on the main hub are plentiful: Game DVR, which takes you back to the main hub of the Game DVR; Kinect, which allows you to record yourself in your entertainment room as you play; Trim, which allows for cutting, chopping, or recording introductions or commentary tracks for your videos; Skin, which allows you to visually alter your video clips; Upload, which allows you to share your video clips with friends and followers on the Xbox One; and OneDrive, a social media service that allows you to take those hard-crafted clips beyond the Xbox spectrum and share them with the world.

Once you're into the Editing menu, there are many options to choose from, such as merely trimming the video down to crop off a portion you dislike, or choosing a Picture-in-Picture option to view your gameplay clip in the large window and a Kinect video of you actually playing the game. You can also Bookend intro and outro clips onto your gameplay clip, or even have multiple clips in one video packaged together.

Inside of these menus will be even more options, such as recording voiceover tracks to provide an audio commentary over what you've recorded. When trimming a clip down, the Analog Sticks will provide the begin and end times on the clip, allowing you to scroll through and choose accordingly. The Skins will provide a variety of aesthetic changes to choose from on your clip.

You can upload these clips direct to YouTube using the Xbox One App. From the home page just use the left hand navigation bar and then click on upload and choose your clip, give it a title and press upload

Once you have completed your clip, you can upload it to OneDrive, where you can then in turn post it across social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, or download a hard copy to your PC.
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