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In-game Rules

Discussion in 'Rules' started by deanomcfee91, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. VGFL In-Game Rules

    1. Once again this is a sim league please show that in your game play.

    2. No Custom Playbooks. All other playbook are open for use

    3. Please show your playbook before readying up. If your opponent doesn't show his playbook please keep your playbook options screen on, they will understand soon enough. If they still refuse please message them and the commissioners.

    4. Don't pick the same colour uniforms.

    5. Do not use known exploits

    6. Mix up your plays. We expect to see a minimum of 30% rushing. It is also understood that a team can be come fairly one dimensional due to the score e.g. Losing team using more passes, winning team rushing more. But please try to keep it realistic. (Try not to use the same play more than 4/5 times.)

    7. Play sensibly. If you get a healthy lead, then getting huge chunks of yardage in single plays shortens your drives and gives the ball back to your opponent sooner. Try to put together long 6 minute drives to drag time off the clock with shorter pass and run plays.


    1. On offence mix up your formations, and the sets within the formations. No excessive use of the same formation or set (Shotgun, Singleback, I-Form). Only use Goal line formations with 5 or less yard to go to the goal line.

    2. Only 3 hot routes to be used per play. Please note that pass blocking your RB/TE is classed as a hot route for each player so if you use max protect pass protection then you wont be able to hot route a WR please also not that if you hot route a receiver and then smart route that receiver it will be classed as 2 hot routes.

    3. If you audible in to either a different play within the same formation or a different formation altogether please allow your opponent to adjust.

    4. Spread the ball between your receivers.

    5. If motioning a receiver, Allow the receiver to be set and allow your opponent to adjust. Please keep this to a realistic amount.

    6. Keep QB drop backs to a reasonable distance. We don't want to see QB's sprinting in the opposite direction.

    7. Keep QB runs to a acceptable amount, it is very rare to see a QB gain more yards than a RB.

    8. Only use play action passes on 3rd down if you have 5 or less yards to go for the first down. You can also use play action passes on 3rd and Goal as it is a high possibility that a team could run the ball.

    9. When going for it on 4th down:

    1. You can only lead by 8 points or less.
    2. You have to be in your opponent's half (i.e. beyond 50 yard line).
    3. It has to be 4th & 2 or less.
    4. Fake punts are not allowed.
    1. Anytime outside the 2-minute warnings, you are only allowed to go for it if it is 4th & 2 or less beyond the 50 yard line.
    2. If you're behind by at least 14 points.
    3. Inside the 2-minute warning before half time, you are allowed to go for it from anywhere as long as you're down by 7 or more points.
    4. You are allowed to go for it from anywhere in Q4.
    5. You are allowed 1 Fake Punt/half as long as you're beyond your own 40 yard line and losing by 7 or more points.
    10. No huddle offence should only be used:


    1. Only in the 2 minute warnings.
    2. Not up by more than 14 points.
    1. Only in the 2 minute warning before half time.
    2. When behind by 14 or more points in Q3.
    3. Anytime in Q4.
    Outside of this you may use the no huddle TWICE per half and may use both occasions on consecutive plays. However, in doing so please allow the game clock to reach 20 seconds so your opponent can make adjustments (No quick snapping).

    11. No running up the score. Please keep score within a 28 point difference, if winning team has the ball and take into consideration rule 13:

    1. Don't score if up by more than 14 points in the last 2 minute warning.
    2. Keep the clock going.
    3. If you can run the clock out by kneeling do so.
    12. No glitch/cheese play abuse. (i.e. swerving)

    13. No stat padding, if you're comfortably winning take your star players off.
    If your winning by 4TDs in the 3rd Q or if you get to the 4th Q and 3TDs up. You should want to do this to prevent injury!

    14. Allowing opposition to score so you continue to score is unsim and will be deemed as stat padding.

    15. No showboating towards the end zone. It's not needed and just annoys your opponents


    1. On Defence formations (3-4, 4-3, 46, Nickel, Dime ect.) are situational so please try to mix up the sets within the formations to give your opponent different looks. Also use different variations of schemes (Man blitz, Zone blitz, Man coverage, Zone coverage).

    2. Goal line formations can be used on or before your own 10 yard line. This formation can also be used to stop 4th down conversions

    3. Special teams formations should only be used in relation to offensive special teams plays.

    4. DO NOT attempt to confuse the AI (Nano-blitzing).

    5. Try not to excessively use defensive adjustments (Line crash, Base align, Press etc.).

    6. Run commit is not Allowed.

    7. Keep players in their respective positions.

    Special Teams

    1. Try and keep touch backs to a minimum.

    2. Don't Punt out of bounds if your up by 14 or more points.

    3. Onside kicks are only allowed in Q4 by the losing team.

    Remember Keep It Sim!

    If any rules are broken in critical situations, i.e. violation of the PA&5+ or 4th down rule, you must punt the ball to your opponent.

    We will be checking every game stats to identify the 3 possible rule breaks:
    1. Score Stays within 28 points and offensive rule 14 is not broken.
    2. Maximum of 45% of throws is thrown to one player. Mix up your throws!
    3. Maximum of 30% of throws to one player over a 5-10 game stretch.
    4. Minimum of 30% for rushing is met (This will be checked every 4 games)
    5. Maximum of 80% rushes for one running back over a 5-10 game stretch
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  2. @VGFL Member

    Rule 14 has been added under offensive rules.

    We are also adding a new rule for commissioners to be check each game stats to make sure certain rules are followed to keep the game sim.
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  3. @VGFL Member Please note that the No huddle Rules have been amended. Please familiarise yourself with them
  4. @VGFL Member Please note that the Playbook rules have been amended.
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