Infamous: Festival Of Blood (PS3 DLC)


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It is the yearly event of pyre night in new marais and a coven of vampires has set a plan to use cole macgraths blood to resurrect a female vampire named bloody mary.

When they succeed Mary bites Cole turning him into a vampire giving him 8 hours until dawn in order to find a way to defeat Mary stop her from destroying new marais and having Cole serve his life as one of her servants.


Infamous festival of blood is a sandbox style game set in the island of new marais where you visit in infamous 2 you play Cole Macgrath once more who has been bitten by a resurrected vampire named bloody Mary you travel around new marais following the storyline looking to locate a item called the barbed cross which can be used to defeat Mary.

Aside from the story there is a number of side missions available:

Dotted around the island is vampire packs for you to find defeating and clearing these packs gain you experience towards your powers.

Canopic Jars are similar to the blast shards from previous infamous titles these are scattered around the island for cole to destroy they increase your blood meter to use your vampire specific powers longer.

Mary’s teachings are similar to dead drops from previous infamous titles these are again found scattered around the island but are glyphs (similar to assassins creed) later in the game you gain a vampire sense which you use to locate the areas to follow to find the glyph.

Hidden first born vampires when travelling around new marais you can use your vampire sense to find first born vampires to defeat either a stake to the heart or fight them in their actual form.

Since his change to a vampire he has a new way to travel around new marais it is called shadow swarm. press up on the d-pad and cole will transform into a swarm of bats you can then control him in the sky to wherever you require to go.

This ability in the beginning lasts only until coles blood meter empties this is filled by biting passers by or defeating vampires to have it last longer you can do side quests for canopic jars.

Also making a appearance from infamous 2 is the ugc system which is available to play/create missions for festival of blood.

Graphics and Sound:

The graphics is the same engine used for Infamous 2 with a slight darker tone style which fits in with the story. Sound again is similar to infamous 2 but has different music to the areas for example carnival style when you pass through a area holding a pyre event.

Personal Verdict

I had held off picking this up with other titles keeping me occupied after playing I wish I had bought it sooner I enjoyed it a lot and would recommend for anyone who enjoyed the other infamous titles.

The game is available as a standalone dlc so no need to own infamous 2 to run it the cost is £7.99 and you get about 5-6+ hours of gameplay that includes finishing the storyline and completing the side missions.

Final score


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I know ODB was keen on this as well I think. Might be good to get his feedback to compare.

And another great review Tam, spot on mate!


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yeah its good, I just couldnt get into it after a while...lost my track a bit. Prob is I had the same issue with Infamous as a whole and found it a bit repetitive in places. I need to sit down and finish these off (as for the other 100+!)