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Is it possible to download ps3 free ps plus games on ps4?

Discussion in 'Playstation 4' started by Lordofgames, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. random question.

    But I want to play yakuza 5 and it was free on ps plus on ps3 last year.

    I'm sure I downloaded it at the time as I thought it was ps4 then said added to library but as it was ps3 I couldn't access it?

    So if I buy a ps3 it will be in the library?

    Maybe I didn't even download it at all? what I said above is possible?

    I googled a way to check my downloads history but there is no sign of yakuza 5 on it either. mmm
  2. No. You can do this from PSN store website from laptop/mobile tho

    I think then from that same web page you can click download to PS3 (if you have background downloads activated) when you own it
  3. oh yeh u can do that, download it from the website, but it wouldn't start the download until u switch on the console is that correct?

    Ive not had a ps3 console for years..maybe I downloaded it from website but because I don't have console it isn't downloaded, when I buy ps3 and login it will download IF I have even downloaded it that is?

    If not its 32 quid lol...
  4. did this worked for you, i wanted to do something simmilar, cheers

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