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Last night on FIFA...

Discussion in 'FIFA' started by darren1978, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Hi guys, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place but was part of the old FIFA leagues a few years ago on AVForums. Really enjoyed the leagues and wondered how I can get involved with this one if possible? Cheers
  2. Last night on FIFA...

    ...I scored a hat-trick on Pro Clubs and made the other team rage quit.

    Pretty sure that's one of the signs of the Apocalypse...
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  3. They must have been really shit.
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  4. Not really shit - it's not like @brunty scored...

    Congrats on post number 200,000. And what a post it was!
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  5. Andre Gray, Just played him in FUT, he had his pro card. I was smashing him and went 1-0 up then through on goal brings me down shoulda been red but not, he saved pen...half time im 8-1 shots and dominating...

    But he gets early goal second half and i cant get back into it got beat 2-1 in end unfortunatley.

    I saved my goal as it was decent but not uploaded it.

    Cool story bro...yep rather play messi or something but still cool.
  6. I've moved your post mate as it seemed like more of a last night on fifa post than making a new thread.
  7. ok kool but wheres my goals i uploaded gone?
  8. There wasn't any goals, there was only your post above.
  9. its ok found it someone else moved it
  10. Ok so here’s my first (hopefully not my last).
    Games were against BigYido and PeleXI respectively, thanks for the games guys.

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  11. One of my fave goals I’ve scored I think. Pele had a couple of beauties too but I didn’t catch those....
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  12. Couple of good ones from an online match this morning,

    First up my pen save, Keane is a bit of a liability for me but my keeper is ace.

    Next is a total fluke goal by Morata,
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  13. Morata's goal is quality. Lol

  14. So after not scoring from a free kick since I started the game and did it with Ronaldo in the opening credits thing, since I signed Pirlo I now do things like this........and I find I’m scoring from more corners than I used to.
    Pirlo, what a legend.
  15. My MLS team in action, this guy must have thought he had an easy game on his hands..........
    He quit after the 2nd......

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