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Last night on the Battlefield 1.....

Discussion in 'Battlefield' started by Wicksy, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. Had my first party up experience this evening. Cheers for the games Gents.

    I do enjoy Conquest a little more now but sometimes find it can be long winded.
  2. Suppose I better play again soon...will keep an eye out for you Weasels
  3. Friday evening session anyone?
  4. Should be able to get on.
  5. Yeah....gotta get PS+ sorted first
  6. Let's do it. Inmate I need to get you back into this soon. Premium is a calling.

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  7. i forgot how good this game is, also played some bf4 and bfh last night.

    BF games so good but often don't get play time with me
  8. Right, who fancies a return to the battlefield sometime this weekend?

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  9. Yes. Let's do it.

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  10. Will do. Got a three day weekend this week (which is very welcome after a 6 day week and working both bank holidays), so shouldn't be to tired.

    Also, that BATTLEGROUNDS game, I'll buy it now if I know that there are going to be people playing regularly.
  11. Played a couple of rounds on my lonesome tonight. New maps are still as bad as I remember, grenades, grenades for everyone. Won both games but I didn't contribute much. Will still be on this weekend but may stick to the core maps.
  12. OK, I can do tonight or (maybe and) tomorrow, but need to know which it's gonna be so I can bagsy the TV.
  13. Should be on tonight.

    Are you around @Swayndo ?
  14. Dunno mate. Still struggling with me lumbago.

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  15. Good couple of rounds last night with @Swayndo. I had fun being the support medic whilst he caused havoc roasting the enemy with his flaming torch of annoyance.

    Hoping we can all get on more often, sometimes I forget how much fun this is when played in a group.

    @Shadow Weaver I went ahead and got battlegrounds, first game I lasted less than a minute, second game I got a kill and made it into top 50. Think it is going to take a while for me to get good at that game.

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  16. Aye that was good fun. Good map for the roaster.

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