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Lego Marvel Avengers

Discussion in 'Platform & Strategy Games' started by Riddler_Tam, May 1, 2017.

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    Saw the reveal trailer and figured it was going to be both assemble and age of ultron figured I'd wait on a price drop and I've loads of other games I could play without adding another to the list.

    Since my recent Lego fix ended with batman 3 I had my eye on another and thought I'd give this a try as I enjoy watching the marvel movies.

    Picked it up on sale Saturday morning started the story yesterday and completed it today, it's assemble to ultron with iron man 3, winter soldier, Thor dark world and cap America first avenger thrown a little in between.

    This has been on a par with Lego Harry potter with how the Lego transforms each scene, character and story section, potter is still my favourite but this has been my most fun in a while.

    Whole host of recognisable characters from the marvel world to use with a variety of races, puzzles and gaining collectibles

    Currently a mop up to do with trophies, sitting at 43.1% save file it's a neat little game I've enjoyed it quite a lot.


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