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Discussion in 'Hobbies / Interests / Photo Editing' started by lego_jon, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. As an AFOL got a large collection of Lego and always looking to buy sets etc so if you have some boxed stuff tucked away let me know. Got quite a few spares of the mini figs series 1 to 5 so if you need some let me know :thumb up:
  2. I've been collecting the free stuff, kids love it. My parents still have a tub of 30 year old Lego they dig out for the grandkids too. I love the stuff.

  3. Likewise I have been getting the sun' s free Lego , it's been manic just managed to get today's but need to be on the ball for tomorrow's truck
  4. Yeah, it's like feeding time at the zoo.

    I love the way Lego have reinvented themselves over the years and you can now get almost Lego anything.

  5. It's moved with the times and even now at my age I still. Love the stuff....
  6. I used to LOVE Lego when I was a kid. I had loads of it. I had a massive town with all the road plates that used to fill the whole of my parents lounge, together with the airport, fire station, police station, post office etc. I also had a massive bin of loose bits that i used to build all sorts of stuff out of. Sure I've still got most of it on the loft!

    Some of the new stuff is friggin awesome. I'd love to have the massive Death Star and X-Wing.
  7. Yeah I love the star wars stuff.. And want the death star ... But over £300 :eek:
  8. I have a huge box of lego somewhere in the loft.
  9. Do you have annual membership to Legooland ?

  10. I get cheap discounts through my job ... But I would love to go to Billund to see the real Legoland
  11. I fucking hate Lego's with a passion, I must of stepped on them about 28937589457890474890759048 times bare foot.

    It's a hazard lol
  12. Me too

  13. you obviously dont have you lego spot mines deployed.. so you only have yourself to blame :rotfl:
  14. Lol your right!

    Found Knexx for appealing!
  15. So did you all get the free stuff from the sun and also as it's getting near to children in need there is on the main Lego uk site a pudsey bear designed especially for this years CIN... Will put a links and picture up when I get on my pc it's about £4 I think
  16. Did anyone collect the new free stuff from the Sun?

    My boy has the complete set so far.

    Attached Files:

  17. I have some of my old Lego. Some with boxes. Mostly space stuff from the 1980s.

    Please tell me this is worth a serious amount of money!

    Defo got these somewhere:

    (I've gone all excited as I loved this one)

    and a 'vintage' (1920 style?) red car where the wheels were big with lots of spokes and the spare wheel fitted onto the side. Can't find this on Google :(

    Might have this

    Moving house soon, so will hopefully find them.
  18. I had LOADS of Lego when I was a boy. Still got most of it up in the loft, although no boxes now. I had the following (and loads more):




  19. As we've finished all work for AS Physics, we're spending our remaining lessons getting to grips with some Mindstorms sets: http://shop.lego.com/en-GB/LEGO-MINDSTO ... 8&HQS=8547

    They are robots with a control module that uses basic programming inputs and different types of sensor (touch, light, sound, IR, colour) to control motors to, well, do whatever you want.

    This is the basic setup that is run through in the instructions, just so I could get used to it:

    There are some amazing contraptions all over the internet, some of which are ingenious...

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